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Apr 22 13 1:46 PM

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Performance in London with Anne King, Jane & Ann Bramston,, Sylvia Grimes, Janice

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Apr 23 13 3:51 PM

HI Ann.  I am pretty sure Gavin is correct on the date for the photograph 1953. I remember Janice
             Greer who was in flat 14 with Sister Daisy as was myself & brother. We departed
             Harpenden Jan 1953 so we must have known one another living in the same block.
             Can you recall Dorathy Dodds or the Hartshawn brothers Rodney & John ?.

             Heres some  photo(s)   of my brother & myself when visited by our grandparents in
             1951 & 1952  ( I am seated in both photos.

               Happy Memories
Sister said "  Behave or no jam or pocket money "

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Harpenden 1949/53,flat 14, Sister Daisy Sherwood.There with my brother .Left Jan 53.

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Apr 25 13 3:21 AM

I shall never forget the cornfield being on fire, it was pretty scary for me. I also remember peeling potatoes and walking on the train tracks and I still clean my shoes.    Ann Bramston

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Apr 25 13 7:39 AM

Pamela Dack, the name rings a bell somewhere in my memory.
I have a bad memory with names but faces I am good at, I nearly fell over when I saw the photo that Ringo put on the website, there was you your sister and Janice
Imagine your sister lives a couple of hours from me as I have lived here in Lausanne since 1970 but she is in the german speaking part, I suppose you have been there it is pretty.
So the members of the Mrs Ferens gang meet up, How is Billy as you mentioned him and his sisters in a previous post.
This is like going back 60 years
Have you any news of Janice Greer as her face keeps coming up in photos here, Ted keeps asking after her and Dorothy Dodds.

The bluebells are coming out now in the dell, so they say. Do you remember building the dens, eating dripping bread, scrumping the crab apples and having stomach ache.
Send my kindest regards to Sister Ann as she has not forgotten me as she and Daisy Sherwood were my first Sisters at Highfield that was in Botley

You could always write to me via messages as I sent you a pm.


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Apr 25 13 4:13 PM

Yes, Jane is in the German speaking part. I have no news of anyone, but Sister Joan speaks of some of the boys and girls that were in our family. I did write to Raymond, once, but did not hear back from him. I do remember building dens in the woods and raiding the rhubarb in the gardeners and also running along the roof of BB Hall.

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May 12 13 5:14 PM

Hi there Ann, Bertie Baldwin here as i am always 6 months behind everybody it dose not surprise me that i have just picked up your Profile,Ann&Jane Branston ring some bells,i was at Harpenden along with my sister Shirley and brother Fred from 1946 1957 so i am sure our paths must have crossed, and i remember most of the names you have mentioed ie the Mc Nares Billy and George cannot remember there sisters names, Janice Greer, Sylvia and Doreen Grimes and there four brothers, Like you most of you were somewhat younger then me,do you remember Dorothy Dodds, Virgina Erskin, and the Baide sisters Val  Morreene and Vivianne.
          You say that you remember the corn fields being on fire this was normal in those days to burn off the stubble after the corn had been cut.
         If my memory serves me well you were with Sister Violet or Sister Ena do you remember a boy called Ricky Todd,
  not sure if you posted the two pics one of them has some girls dressed what looks like flower outfits would i be correct in saying the girl in the front is Pamela Dack.
     Well Ann may i say a belated wecome to the site and hope that i find you well, hope too hear from you soon take care best regards Bertie B/

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Nov 16 13 12:16 AM

Hi, Bertie,
i am also six months behind. Jane and I were with Sister Joan. We are still in touch with her often and last year Jane and Sister Joan took a walk in the woods with all the bluebells out. I am in Switzerland visiting Jane at the moment, as she was in a very bad motorcycle accident.  

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Nov 16 13 7:23 PM

Jane Bramston

Ann, received your message about your sister, sent you a reply in your mailbox.
Call me as soon as possible.


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Nov 24 13 12:46 PM

welcome back Ann

I hope that I find you well sorry too hear about Janes accident I hope that she is now on the mend. So you were with sister Joan would that be Walker house,so you must remember Ray Dinston and the Robinson Brothers Eddy and Bpian and I think the Baide sisters it all seem so long ago now but this site always seem too get the lod memory cells going I last saw Joan last yeay at the Centenary reunion at Harpenden and I must say that she looked very well.Well Ann great hearing from you keep in touch best regards Bertie B.image

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