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Dec 4 13 3:30 PM

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Hi Philip,
Here's another techie question for you.  How does one set up the email notifications that we used to be able, at least for a while, to receive re new posts on the Lefora forum?  I'm assuming it's possible on this new updated version, and I have to admit--I haven't had time to try it, lately. (too many new things at work to get my head around, lately!).    Perhaps you know the trick?  Yes ,I'm being a bit lazy I suppose, in the "someone tell me what to do" mode! :-)  But the info might be useful for others too, so...
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Dec 5 13 9:42 AM

This is called BB code and should be integrated into the our program me and should look something like this:-

This would show at the bottom of the page before sending your message.

Box Disable BB code
Box Disable smilies
Box Do not automatically parse URLs
Box Attach a signature (signatures can be altered via the UCP)
 Notify me when a reply is posted

I hope this helps as an indication



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Dec 5 13 4:27 PM

This works

HI Philip and Gavin,

Here's something that works:

Go to your profile
Click on the spanner icon at the top
This will give you "Settings"
Choose "notifications"
click that box

et voila!

Now I haven't had solid proof that it works, yet, because I haven't received any notifications in my email yet.
But it looks like it should!
Good luck!



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