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Aug 20 14 12:34 AM

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The 21st August is Diana Wards birthday. I believe she may be somewhere in the sixty range but a gentleman does not disclose.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA. We hope you have a lovely day and are dutifully spoiled by Lewis and your girls and the grandchildren.
You do so much for us Fairfilders, please know that it is  sooo appreciated.
Our love to You
Malc and Ce xxx
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Aug 20 14 10:47 PM

Dear Di,
Many happy returns of the day. We echo MalcT's sentiments but would add 'feet up and keep the remote all to yourself'.
Vicky and Roy
p.s. MalcT - I'll lend you my glasses, that has to be nearer ?! don't you think?

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Aug 21 14 12:50 PM

Happy Birthday, Di!
What a nice thing to come back to on the forum :-)
I'm back from Norway (more or less) and had a lovely time!
More soon,
love, Shelagh

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Aug 22 14 9:19 AM

A belated Happy Birthday Di,hope you had a good day x


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Aug 22 14 11:28 AM

Hi Malc T, Roy, Shelagh, Berti B & Pat,

Thank you so much for your good wishes & very nice of you Malc & Roy to knock a few years off.  I'm afraid my powers of observation though are in decline.  It took us 3 days to complete a crossword, we sent off the answers in & sat back waiting for a nice prize, only to discover a couple of days later, we had taken the easy option & the answers were printed on the page overleaf - whoops.  I had a lovely day yesterday, all the family came round including the granddaughters with the great grandchildren & a couple of friends, so we had a house full.  After they went & all the toys cleared away, Lewis cooked dinner & I had a nice glass of red - or 2.  Roy, I think pigs will fly before I get my hands on the remote.

Nice to have you back Shelagh.
love Di


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Aug 22 14 3:58 PM

HI Di!  Lovely to read about your birthday--sounds like a wonderful day!  :-)
Isn't it great to have family around!?!   That was the best about my time in Norway, with my son, daughter and all three grandchildren, their friends, and some great trips.  A very full and fun time.  I feel I have had a feast I am will be going on for quite a while!   More about it soon, with a pic or two... those of you on Facebook will have seen some already.
Thanks Bert, for your message, too. :-)
As they say in Norway, "Bort aer bra, men hjem aer best", which means ""Away is great, but home is best". I'm still somewhere in a lovely space between the two at present.
Best to all, and have a fantastic time at the Harrogate Reunion!  :-)

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Aug 22 14 9:23 PM

birthday girl

Hi Di ,sorry to have missed your 21st ,hope you had a good one .I bet you did and that you had a full house .Love Malc S and Lesley

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Aug 22 14 10:02 PM

Thanks Malc S & Clive. Really nice to get your messages. My 21st seems an awfully long time ago Malc., My girls were 20 months & 2 months old & we managed to get Lew`s cousin to baby sit for an hour while we nipped to a Chinese restaurant, then straight back home to feed our Annette. Happy days.
​love Di

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