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Oct 12 14 12:24 PM

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Hi Roy, sorry, this is a day late--but hope you had a fantastic day yesterday, and that your birthday goes on, as they sometimes do! :-)
Many happy returns!  :-)
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Oct 13 14 10:47 AM

Happy Birthday dear Roy for last Saturday

[size=120]I've given myself a good slap for not being on time with my good wishes.  No cake on Sunday & definitely no playing out for me this week.  Hope you were thoroughly spoilt by Vicky & your family.
love Di

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Oct 13 14 11:14 PM

Many thanks for the birthday wishes but you must all accept forgiveness from a greater sinner. Only when a rather super Birthday card was delivered on Sunday (Yes we have Sunday deliveries since TNT started in competition) but to continue, only then did I realise that i was more guilty of forgetfulness than any of you. Sorry Shelagh, I really did make a hash of it this time.
P.s A grand daughter made some Turkish delight for me as a present. I have no doubt that it was in cubes when it started out on it's journey to our house but by the time it arrived it had reverted in to one big pile of pink sticky mess. Now being a gent and not wishing to upset a princess I assured her that it would probably be fine after a while in the fridge. to cut a long story short - has anyone ever tried to eat an everlasting Turkish delight? - I am still chewing!!!
kindest regards to you all

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Oct 14 14 12:36 PM

Turkish Delight!

Turkish Delight!  Don't get me started...are those bars made by Fry's still available?  And do you remember the old jingle on the black and white TVs of the late'50's, singing "Fry's Turkish Delight"!?   You realise that these things were covered in the most delicious chocolate, as well. A certain daughter of mine caught on to this passion of mine, and on one of her visits to the U.S. back in the '90s brought not one, but a whole boxfull of said delight! (Some 30 bars I do believe).  All went to the fridge where they were feasted on for the next several weeks.  Luckily enough, it was not of the least interest to my hubby--who much prefers Indian sweets. What a shame...:-0,   Anyway, happy continuing birthday, Roy.  Keep chewing, but remember to brush your teeth before going to bed, now, or Sister will be after you.  (And yeah for those grandchildren of yours!  Looks like they know their grandpa).

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