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Oct 24 14 8:09 PM

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A report of Richard who entered Harpenden in 1945 and was with Sister Ena
Photos, text and video.

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Oct 25 14 9:02 PM

Wow, interesting, Philip.  Thanks for posting this.  I ought to have known Richard, since he was next door at Sister Ena's all the time I was in Sister Cora;s family, but I can't honestly say I recognise him as a young boy in those photos.  I must have seen him many times in chapel, around the grounds etc., but just don't remember him, as he very likely wouldn't remember me either.  Just shows how little the families mingled, in those days!  Of course I remmber Sister Ena, and several of the girls in her family in the latter part of the 1940's to "52 when I left Harpenden.  Interesting to hear about those years from a boy's point of view--much the same as the girls' in many ways, but bound to be different in some ways, too.

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Oct 26 14 1:19 PM

Memories abound

HI Philip,
well, memories abound, Philip, but I don't know how relevant they are!  I remember disliking Sister Ena, so the episode with the dish-smashing that Richard speaks of didn't surprise me too much!  But it was a bit surprising, that a Sister could get so out of control.  Sister Cora could get mad, of course--we were a trying lot, I don't doubt!  But she would just become very red in the face, and her glasses would flash, and she would threaten us with stopped pocket money, early bedtime, whatever.  But she was never to my knowledge abusive in any way, or destructive.
I had a very unpleasant encounter with Sister Ena one time, when I went and sat on a swing that one of her girls thought was hers.  Sister Ena came storming out, and very swiftly slapped me hard around the face.  Such things aren't very endearing.  And I learned to steer clear of her after that. OOOh, am I telling tales on the Sisters?!  But I probably deserved some reprobation, no doubt.  Would a discussion about fairness and sharing at the time have helped?  I think so!

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Nov 1 14 12:42 AM

What an Interesting post. I must have known this Richard as his time in the Cubs then Scouts must have overlapped mine. His experiences very much demonstrate the differences that existed between those mixed families and the single sex , boys family's. I have put a fairly full account of the Faraday House outing on this site somewhere. It was organised by the GPO International telephone exchange situated in Faraday House just off the embankment (Victoria Embankment maybe). The busses Richard mentions took us to see the street decorations for the Coronation before the party in Faraday House. Richard was not the only one sick on the way back but those numbers were well exceded by the numbers who shot off the bus when it pulled up on what is now part of the A1 to let two little girls gain a sense of relief.
Happy Days!

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Dec 2 14 8:30 PM

I remember Richard very well, A frequent visitor at Walker House, Richard joined us on holiday one year on the Norfolk Broads with his the Girlfriend, wonder if he remembers that! circa 1967/68

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Dec 2 14 8:42 PM

Actually upon watching more, I very nearly get a mention from Richard, Whilst he is looking at a photo of sister Ena's relatives car,her nephew alans car it is, he mentions Terry Steggall and I'm the boy standing next to him .lol one of the little Irish boys 

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Mar 3 15 8:52 PM


Hi there just finished going through Richards memories of his time spent in the NCH Harpenden,and found it all very interesting,thanks Phillip for posting it,i can't say that i actualey knew him,the fact being, he was that bit younger by about two years,but the fact that he was with Sister Ena's bells started ringing,i can recall going too Sheringham home in Norfolk,it must have been the first time that i had seen the sea having lived in London up and to the time i went to Harpenden it must have been roundabout 1947/48,i cannot remember to much about that holiday,but i do remember that Sister Ena was the Sister in charge,and  Richard was also on that holiday but every where Ena went she seemed to be carrying Richard and he was carring an old teddy bear which he took everywhere.Now at this point i can only remember him  as Ricky and his surname if i am right was Todd mybe someone could help me out on that,the picture of him doing his homework is i am sure  the person i knew as Ricky,but i might be complietly wrong oloimage As for Sister Ena i just cannot imangine her going berserk with the crockery it must have looked like somthing out of a Greek Wedding the Ena i remember always seemed too be in compliet control,i also rmember her from working in the Bakery when i did the cake round on a Friday she would always ask for extra fancy cakes or an extra Victoria Sponge.
       Faraday House yes i can remember those and inparticular the trip all round London to see tha decorations for the Coronation. and then seeing the actual Coronation at the Embessey Cinema in the Vilage.Happy daysimage.Well maybe we will hear more about Richard[Ricky. hope that i find you all well take care now best regards Bertie B.image

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