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Apr 5 15 4:08 PM

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Hello All,
Easter Sunday here as it everywhere else and thoughts of easter eggs came to mind. I remember Easter sunday as lots of Church, especially being in  the choir . Having to be 'dressed up' all day too. But I also remember the easter eggs. We all got a boxed one along with other eggs including the painted real eggs for brekky.
Sunday evening after church usually was a time of, "Dont feel well".  "Got a tummy ache 'Ster", and so on which was not met with a lot of sympathy. I remember one Easter where all the Sisters had made Easter Bonnets and showed them off in a little Parade, much to the amusement and giggling from unappreciative Boys.
It was a fun day .
Take care
Malc T
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Apr 5 15 6:28 PM

Hi All & Malc T,

I've just been singing my hallelujahs to the Easter hymns on 'Songs of Praise' whilst dishing out the Yorkshire pud, mind you all those who were in the choir would be singing the descant. So I too was remembering Easter at Fairfield.  The trek to Trinity Church on Easter Sunday morning in our new sandals & dresses that were probably handed down but new to the wearer.  The boxed egg which was hollow in the middle & I'm wondering if they were donated by Mrs Rhodes who treated us all to the Panto at Christmas in the Royal Hall. Our eggs were hard boiled in tea on Good Friday, painted by ourselves on Saturday & taken to the 'Rolly Polly' hill somewhere off Yew Tree Lane & rolled down to see who could get the furthest on Saturday, then eaten for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning. Following one of Sister Edith's many sayings 'Waste not Want not!!!  Talking of the choir, we had a visit today from Steve (Green) & Jackie on their way to visit Steve's daughter who lives in Scotton.  It was lovely to see them & whilst they were here, Steve had a message via Facebook from Terry (Rooney) wishing us all a happy Easter.  Malc I don't remember the Easter Bonnet Parade, maybe it was after I left, but I can visualise them doing that, the Sisters were all up for a bit of good fun between themselves. 
love Di

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