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Oct 1 14 2:20 PM

Hi Dave.
I really don't want to lead off subject here but it is important that we accept that Stokies no longer exist, like Dodos they are extinct! Probably wiped out by the new Lefora bug.
That is of course unless anyone knows different.


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Oct 1 14 7:26 PM


Hey guys, don't want to bust your balloon or anything, but I did hear some growlings from a Stokie somewhere in the Cambridge area, comparatively recently anyway. He has other means besides Lefora, for communicating, but who knows?   He might have long since loped off into the woods, and we'll all be able to breathe more freely--but don't get too complacent, quaffing your tankards of mead in the Great Hall.  Ha-ha...

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Oct 2 14 8:03 PM

Yes I think a hunting party should be arranged after we have finished our mead quaffing. The quarry being the lesser spotted Stokie whose call has a distinct growl.

Page, bring my hawks a hunting we go!


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Oct 15 15 9:42 PM

 This blood lust against the stokies has got to stop ,dont you know they are a protected species . Malsal (Harrogate)

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Nov 6 15 4:46 PM

Hey Big Bro Malc,  Good to see you still hanging in there with the site.  The lead up to bonfire night is a big memory for me. We would start collecting in early october and then have to protect it from the Harlow Hill Mob who would make frequent raids on  our bonfire. Of course we had to get it back and would sneak over there via the football field behind # 7&8. I remember standing on the rail of the fence along the cinder path, big stick in hand, waiting for the enemy to make a raid accompanied by Bobby Marshall, Graham Kirby, Bernard Morgan, Pete Ashurst and others, we felt like the SAS. Wonderful memeories.
I too am hoping for a reunion next year. I know it's a lot of work for Di and lew but I know they love it too, I;m hoping to bring the family with me next time !
Take care Malc
Malc T

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Nov 9 15 8:50 PM

Bonfire night

Hi MalcT& Big Malc Bertie B here, its great too see somone on the forum talking of bonfire night we went to our Sons this year he lives in a small Village in Bedfordshire[ Grevenhurst] there are oonly . Wabout fifty houses and it was like a big family afair as it was back in the days at Harpenden,i can recall the biuld up too the night which seemed tu go on for weeks and the bonfire got btgger every year,potatos were placed all around the bottom and a guyfawkes was placed right at the top,and on the night it seemed all and sundry were in attendence,and when they finallymanaged to retrieve the spuds they were like lumps of coal but once you got passed the black skins they were Srummy, sadly these days its all done in portable ovens.[and its not the same].The fireworks were let off at the top of the main office block and i must say it was pretty inpresive,i can renenber placeing bangers under tincans and seeing which can went the highest but these days there is so much protocol in regard too health and safty which is not a bad thing but i feel that a lot of the fun has been taken away.Well i hope you are all well and not suffering from the Winter BLUES take care now and stay well best regards Bertie B.

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Nov 10 15 9:11 PM


HI  Malc and Bertie hope you both have enjoyed your bonfires ,though you wouldn't  have one over there would you Bro if you do hope you didn't go raiding or you would have the mounties after you .you seem to have had a good night Bertie Iike the roast potatoes thought that had gone out though it was something I enjoyed , scraping the black off was part of the fun .Look after yourselves         Malc S 

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