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Oct 4 12 9:04 PM

Hi All.

All very quiet on the Sheringham site or am I looking at the wrong pages.
1916 house presented to NCH&O by William Garrood as gifted ,has anybody more information on this person as it is in 4 years time 100 years since this gift was made,It was left for children in care the wording of it was In Perpetuity. Perpetuity means for-ever so what happened.It was sold but not for child care only.It is now closed once again and is to be sold on to the highest bidder.
NCH sold it for a pittance.
So from this I glean that the wishes of our benefactor were and had not been carried out in all circumstances.
Just thought this may stir up some conversations!
Come on you Shannocks put finger on qwerty board and talk.

Regards Ray

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Oct 6 12 6:49 PM

Hi Ray

I think its sad that the benifactors wishes have not ben respected but I guess unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done about that! Am I right in presuming that all monies raised from this sale will go to Break?

Just to let you know also that I got married on the 8th September this year.

Norma Stolworthy (was Potter and prior to that Thorpe) Sister Phyllis' Family 1954-1968

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Apr 4 13 6:13 AM


I am trying to find out what orphanage and if the orphanage is still around that my sister was in from birth until about 10 months old.   She was born in 1962.  Our father was in the Air Force, stationed in Mildenhall, my parents lived in Thetford.   I only know that she was in an orphanage with nuns so I figured this must have some connection as we know the orphanage was in or near Sheringham England.  

Please if anyone could give me more information that would be wonderful.  We're wondering if the orphanage still stands.  It sounds like there were many homes but were they all Catholic and the nuns took care of the children?

Thank you for any help/information!

God bless,
Denice  (from the US, my parents adopted my sister while stationed in England then moved back to the US shortly after)  

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Apr 11 13 11:09 PM

Good day to you all.
Ex members of Sheringham branch NCH&O There is to be a gathering in Sheringham on the 11th May, This is to alow us to wander down memory lane, the house will be open for us to view for the very last time before it is demolished, so the invite is there it's up to you .Please bring eats with you as none will be provided.Hope to see you there


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Apr 16 13 2:35 PM

Thanks Philip, It's been really interesting watching these old films.  Seeing the children doing their jobs, reminded me of our house where the boys & girls had specific jobs.  For the girls it was ironing, sewing, helping with the cooking (which I loved, especially on Sunday mornings to get out of going to church), cleaning & washing/drying up etc.  For the boys they had to empty the ashes & clean the fireplace, bring the coal in, clean all our shoes & peel the spuds.  Can everybody else remember what their jobs were?  love Di   

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May 2 13 10:01 PM

To All  Sheringham old Girls And Boys. I am sorry to tell you that the visit to the two houses has been called off .Iff you do want to visit at a later date please speak to shirley or my-self and we nay be able to help arrange a time for you but make it soon as we believe that the time is running out and the builders are ready to demolish them asap.

Keep in touch .....Ray 

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May 3 13 12:36 AM

Di, As Boys, We had to do the Hall as well with the big bumper, we did washing drying up, clean the outside toilet,(You know the one, coldest place on earth on a winters morning!). We also occasionally had to sweep the back yard, I recall one time, your dear Sister Edith caught me sweeping all the detrus from #1's yard onto #2's yard, she was not amused.
take care
malc T

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Aug 10 16 5:03 PM

Information on the Zenanos family

Hi, I have recently made contact with George and Christine Zenanos, George lives in Cyprus and Christine lives in London.
if you more information, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards

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