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Nov 18 16 1:32 AM


Hi can anyone tell me if they are recieving my messages OK.

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Dec 30 16 6:16 PM

An inmate from Sister Nora's house

I was at Princess Alice Sutton Coldfield 1961 -64. I can't remember if the house had a name, but I do recall it was run by a Sister Nora.I was there from age three to age six, so not a long time. I think I might a one photo taken at the school there - I'll try to find it.

It was a pretty decent time from what I can remember. I do recall as a small boy, sneaking into the girls' bedroom one night. I just followed an older - at that age I had no understanding of what was going on.
Needless to say, we got caught by Sister Nora! When my dad came to see me the next weekend, he was told what a bad boy I was!

I remember diagonally opposite our house (I think) was a sanatorium where sick kids went while they were ill.
Bit difficult to say if I remember anyone really, now I'm a bit of an old codger! My name's John Hughes by the way. It would be great if some remembers me,although I won't hold my breath!


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Feb 3 17 7:16 PM

Hi rainbow, just seen your message. Hows life treating you. What was your Brothers names? Plus yours? Be interesting to see if l remember you. Knew Sandie and Butch, and a few of the ohers who lived there in the 70's

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Feb 16 17 1:48 PM


Yes, Mrs, all seeing your messages, not sre if any privae ones are coming to the righ people, but if you want to test, try one to me or soemone else who is active on the site.

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