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Apr 28 11 3:33 PM

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SEATON Ryalls Court, Seaton, Devon EX12 2HJ
From 1970 a general children's home for Boys & Girls.

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Jun 21 12 4:28 PM

I was also there but in the 80's if you are looking for anyone who used to attend then go onto face book and type in friends of Ryalls Court that will bring you up a group hope this helps Shane

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Aug 15 12 2:17 AM

I was in Ryalls Court 1979 to 1981... I remember these names although I have met one of a set of twins but the other one passed away before i got to see him..   I was in Waterhouse..

Lisa Frost  ~ Waterhouse
Dawn Lacey  ~ Nuttal Lodge
Stuart from Paignton { I think} ~ Nuttal Lodge
George from Dagenham ~ Waterhouse
Nigel from Paignton {I think} ~ Waterhouse
Debbie ~ Isis/Cherwell house
Lisa  from Bristol Temple Meads ~ Isis/Cherwell house
Michelle from Bristol ~ Isis/Cherwell house
Davina ~ Waterhouse
Andre Vargas ~Waterhouse
Lee  ~ Waterhouse
Chris ~ Nuttal Lodge

I remember more but not names.. Im so upset it has been taken down as upto this evening I was discussing a revisit with my kids :(((  I only found out because I googled it to book a hotel nearby.. then couldn't find it on google maps.. I eventually came across this site.. Im hoping to re-connect with anyone I was in the home with, up to now I've had no success :(


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Aug 15 12 5:10 PM

go on to face book and type in friends of ryalls court there are about a dozen members this may help

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Apr 18 13 8:57 PM

Hiya Raine.

I left in 1978 but I do remember some of the names on the list.

I also remember a set of twins called Samantha and Neil.  Jill Prowse from Weymouth, Tracey Lane, ( I think from Bristol), Martin Donald from Paignton, Andrew Varga, (Andre Vargas), came from Shoreham in Sussex, Tracey Latham, Suzanne Davey,

My name back in the day was Karen Searle.

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Feb 2 17 12:07 PM

Hi Karen, sorry so long for a reply. You have helped me remember where Tracey Lane was from :D TY!  :D I have set up a new Ryalls Court page on FB because the other one was left dangling & public so when pics were posted some people from outside the UK (Africa) were commenting & liking which I think is inappropriate for members.. to have their conversations & pics viewed by anyone. The group is Called RYALLS COURT CHILDRENS HOME. A few more have joined who you may remember x

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Feb 2 17 12:10 PM

Hi :) There is a new FB group called Ryalls Court Childrens Home. The other one was left public & hanging, so all & sundry could see what was in the group! Shameful :| Hope you can find it & Join,

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