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Jul 7 12 5:24 PM

Hi angie, sooo glad to hear fm u on the forum. I've sent u an email so when u see one from that's me, just in case it goes to yr junk box!
Look forward to hearing u, my longtime friend...

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May 27 13 12:39 PM

Angie, I think the photos are on this thread somewhere.  If not I am sure Philip or somebody who knows where they are, will post a link to them.  They are on this forum somewhere. :)

I was there from 1955 to 1963 so before your time.  Sorry hon :)

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May 27 13 6:29 PM

Please remember that members posting their own email address on the public group, will mean they will be harvested by the internet search computers, which will mean in a few months you will get spam.
For contact on the group, ask for a Private Message to be sent.


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Sep 19 15 4:58 PM


hi all my family was in Holmwood Diana Susan Wendy David Amanda  . Griffiths  we were  in the smiths then Browns then Perkins house  . We need photos of our child hood if any on has any thanks 

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Nov 28 15 10:18 AM

Do u remember me Angela Walsh I was 18 months old when I first moved there in1967, with my bother John and my baby sister carol

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Apr 27 16 3:55 PM

clive wrote:

Mr Peter Tozer

General branch for 30 children.

In the suburb of Westbury-on-Trym, three miles from the centre of , a spacious and well-built house was acquired by the Home in 1943. Two family groups are accommodated in the original house, now more than 100 years old, and one group lives in a newer house in the grounds, Perkins House, built in 1954. The two houses stand in gardens of great beauty and interest.


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Jul 17 16 6:17 PM

Hello to all
I am the company secretary for hazelwood gardens care ltd who now run the nursing home at holmwood house, I have stumbled across this forum whilst looking for historical information and images about holmwood and its pond/pool and would be grateful if you could send me any. We would love to display them at the house and please don't be afraid to come over and tell us you stories. we look forward to hearing from you all.

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Aug 17 16 5:04 PM

Life in Holmwood.

I spent some years in Holmwood with my younger sister. Her name was Jasmine Dahd and she stayed at Holmwood for some years after I left. I used to visit her there. She died a few years ago but her memories of Holmwood were certainly NOT happy ones. There was, however, one lady who was VERY special to her and they stayed in touch until the day she died. Her name was/is Trisha and I know others remember Trisha. Even when I was there, c.1966 - 68/9, we were not allowed to go into the copse although that's not to say we didn't. My best friend was Godfrey Marshall who, I later learned, was an accountant in London. Anyone out there remember us? I went by the name of Kevin Shepherd or Dahd. 

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Oct 29 16 8:09 PM


Stupid question to ask but where all the people emplyed by Holmwood Sisters of the Church ? That includes cleaners, kitchen staff and carers.

Laslty are any of them still alive ? My sister recently told me that Sister Doreen passed away afew years ago which was terribly sad


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Oct 29 16 8:18 PM



I just want ot say how sorry I am to hear of the loss of your sister.

My family were at Holmwood from 1973-1980 and we did know Jasmine because she was in the same group as us, the Brown group. I shall not pretend I knew her inside our but what I do remember of her is that she was carefree around the home and its location.

I also remember the Care Worker Trisha. What always struck me was that she had curly brown hair and always wore flip flops everywhere she went


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Feb 24 17 8:56 PM

To Kevin from Godfrey -

Hi Kevin Hope your well and good.. I still on the planet an now live in Norwich (which i love) , but often travel to Bristol, to catch up with old frinds.
email me when you have a moment. It would be great to hear from you. :))


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Feb 24 17 9:01 PM

Godfrey to Angela Walsh

Hi Angela, such a completely long time since we last spoke or saw each other...  heres my email address drop me a note.                                            It woud be great to catch up with you.

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