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Nov 24 12 10:33 PM

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As we all know that whilst we all had 3 meals a day with loads of kids to feed some of us never seemed to get seconds etc 

So me and others ...... And here is the question who was in on it? Gary whellans I think was one and possible Colin Windsor ????

There was a small supermarket in Harrogate called Laws and they used to bring the sell by / out of date food stuff and drop off at the office with mrs Batsen (think that her name) and she would pass around to the houses ....... However, sitting on the back fence with the smokers lol we hatched a plan to head off the van and see what we could get. 

Success was ours ha ha ha in the voice of the pantomime villain ;) there was born my love of the pink and yellow squared cake with Marzipan mmmmmmmmmmmm it was worth more than gold at the time :)

Does anyone remember or have similar stories .....

Jimmy B 

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Nov 25 12 9:00 AM

Hello Jimmy,

In number seven we always ate well and sister Flora would ensure we went off to school with a cooked breakfast inside us.  Time was tight on weekday mornings, so the table would be laid the night before.  In summer it was cornflakes and in winter it was porridge, but always followed by bacon, tomatoes & fried bread, then toast & marmalade.  To finish off, there was a plate of quartered apples or oranges.  I expect our diet was a lot better than many children from ordinary families.

On Sundays there was a proper roast dinner, and if it happened to be somebody's birthday it would be celebrated on a Sunday because that was the day when tea was a little bit special.  In the summer we'd have ice cream which we'd go and fetch from the stores.  I remember once inviting a school friend back to my birthday tea.  She enjoyed the birthday cake, but thought it very strange that we went to church afterwards instead of playing games.  But to me it was perfectly normal.  That's how it was.

I think we've mentioned in a previous posting, that we used to try to waylay the baker when he came on his rounds with his van full of bread & cakes.  We'd wait by the gate, jump on the footplate and pester him for 'stale' pastries.  

Mrs Bateson was the secretary at Harrogate for very many years and was still there when I left Harrogate in the mid 1960s   ..........   I think I remember Colin Windsor who came from quite a big family  -  do you remember the names of his brothers & sisters ?


The pink & yellow square cake is called Battenburg.

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