Dec 12 12 2:40 PM

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I was wondering how getting your records had affected you?

It took me two goes to get my records, the first time the lady we met was quite a cold sort and very on the defensive, constantly telling me what I couldn't have, the few pieces she allowed me were so filtered that I came away thinking that there either was something to hide or they were being way to over protective. 

The second time (10 years later) was a totally different experience altogether, this time I met a wonderful man, who met with my husband and I and went through as much of the enormous file as was possible in the time we had before our flight home. He then phoned me a few weeks later to see if I was ok and was there anything else he could help with, and that he was always available should I need any more information.

Funny thing is, some two years on, the records are in a file down the side of my bed and I still haven't properly read them, can't explain why but delving in that file is strange, it's like going somewhere unreal.
I'm also reluctant to let anyone else in there too, my eldest daughter had a quick look, but my two youngest 33 and 34 not babies, I have not felt comfortable showing it to.

Getting my records helped me enormously, answered a lot of questions:-
ie; who am I ?, why was I in the nch ? 
but to get to those parts there were some very painful bits to cross too.
There is a whole life wrapped up in that file and some bits still hurt