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Dec 20 12 8:29 AM

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For both security and ease of use, would members please not put picture attachments in or at the end of the items they have just put on the message boards, but use the item at the bottom of the message box labled "Attachments", and keep the file loaded as a JPEG image.

On the security side a person posting an attachment could be sending a link or file that it would be best that your computer did not open.

On the ease of use the standard JPEG image file is easy to view and use by all members.

If you are having problems using the upload system via the little box at the bottom of the message box on the left. Have a read of the item in The How To do It section on loading photos.
If you have an further problems, please let me know.


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Jan 15 13 4:36 PM

Photo taken on the front lawn of No.2 NCH&O Harrogate. My mum and young sister had visited sometime in 1945. My brother Frank is on the left of the group and I am on the right. Does anyone remember either Frank, who lived at No.1, then No.5 and finished up in No.8 or me, John Goodman who lived in No.1 1940 - 47. Best wishes. John 

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