Dec 27 12 9:15 PM

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After leaving Sister Pearl and Harpenden, I kind of drifted from 1 job to another, until I joined the Merchant Navy. After a 3 years of sailing all over the world, I left to settle down in civvie street. Ha Ha
I took up long distance driving with 38 ton trucks.
By this time Pearl had retired to Plymouth, to house keep for Gerald.
I found her address and the next time I had a delivery in that area, I asked the people how to get there.
and was told that it was a very posh area and they wouldn't like a massive truck parked in their road.
Well never one to take to much notice of advice, I decided to go see her.
I stopped at a garage up the road from her house to get a big bunch of flowers to say sorry for not keeping in touch, and then drove up this really nice road looking for her house.
I rang the door bell and waited for a reply.
When she opened the door to me, the first thing she did was tell me off not ringing first. Then it was tears and cuddles. Great to see that see hadn't changed from the Pearl we all knew.
As for parking my truck in their posh road, well I think I drove Gerald and some of his neighbours round the block 5 or 6 times.
I kept in touch with Pearl until she died.
It was really good to see quite a few of her 'old children' at the funeral.
What would we have done without her.