Jan 18 13 8:21 PM

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My sister and I have just found our brother! We all had the same father but different mothers and our brother was adopted soon after his birth in London, December 1952. He has evidence that says that his mother was an orphan, brought up in an NCH home. His b cert names his mother as 'Esther Ann' with father's surname. However, there is a letter from her to the adoptive parents where she signed herself 'Ann' as well as a report in which she is referred to as 'Esther May'.
Our brother has a 1st birthday card from 'Nanna Watkins- Cardiff'. So, was her name  Esther/Ann/May Watkins? She was about 20 in 1952 and Paul was born in Bushey Maternity Hospital, London.
He is 60 now and has only just found out who his father was; is it totally unrealistic to hope that we can find out who his mother was?