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Feb 10 13 2:57 PM

Hi Philip!
Wow!  thank you for posting all these pages from the Harpenden "Oval" magazine.  Lots to read here, and lots of familiar names.  I've just glanced through it all very quickly, so I don't have any particular response to an item as of yet.  It's a lot to read and digest, but I'm sure it will trigger a lot of response from us Harpos!  :-)
I was only six years old at the time this all appeared, so it's not too surprising there's no contribution from me. (too busy feeding the rabbits, sitting on a swing over at Lord"s, picking bluebells, or whatever) :-)
Best to all,

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Feb 13 13 7:29 PM

Hello (older) Harpendenites!
Marjorie Young and Delphine Lewsley were friends of my sister--Nancy. Who knew they were also poets!?!
Delpnine was in our (Sister Cora's) family when I first went there--in the house at the far end of the Girls Houses, nearest to BB Hall and the chapel. Delphine's  younger sister, Ann Lewsley,  was very kind and looked out for me when I was a newbee there.  Will always be grateful to her for that.

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Feb 14 13 10:43 AM

Thanks, Philip, for this fascinating glimpse into Harpenden life long before I joined it. But reading the booklet raises a question. Was there a school at Highfield? There is no mention of it in 1945/6. I seem to remember that its headmaster was Mr Irving. Can anyone tell me any more about it? Les.

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Feb 14 13 4:51 PM

Yes, we had our own school at Highfield, I attended it from Easter 1940 till Summer 1945.

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