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Mar 22 13 6:59 PM

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I was there from 1960 at a number of Houses and returned after a six month absence in 1963 to Seymour House until 1970

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Apr 3 13 7:45 PM

hi john 
you would know my sister carol then if you were in seymour house ur house mother would have been sister margeret if im correct !! i lived in marsh house next door from 1965 till 19977 sister nora was our house mother you would also know steve aswell as the rest of my brothers charles ,david, steven .paul, peter my name is mark cole 

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Dec 18 15 9:47 PM

Do you remember The McAndrew brothers

My dad and his brother were at Princess Alice roughly 3/4 yrs leaving in 1967.  Gordon McAndrew and Staurt McAndrew. My dad remembers going to Boldmere High School for boys and left the home when he turned 16.  He used to work with the farmer/Gardener - Mr Smith. He thinks he remembers Graham Ellis and family, Jean Bissell, June Frampton.  Does anyone remember them? Thanks. 

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