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Apr 17 13 6:49 PM

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Hi All.
This visitor was snapped after trying to get at my Canaries through the wire. For a Sparrow Hawk
he was most helpfull in allowing  me to take his photo from a distance of approx 20yards.
He sat there for about 8minutes.

Anyone remember seeing the lad at Highfield on bicycle with a tamed Jackdaw on his shoulder?

    Regards Ted

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Apr 18 13 8:26 AM

Hi Ted.
I was in Harpenden from about 1958 to 1963.
I found a tame jackdaw and it used to stay in a cage overnight. I would ride my bike to Manland school and the jackdaw would follow me, landing on my shoulder, and flying off again.
It would wait around all day, and then fly home with me again.
After 5 or 6 weeks he flew off hopefully to his original home.

Happy memories.


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May 8 13 7:39 PM

Hi Roy
First the bad news.  Retuned home after a break to find the the Herons have had a feast from our
Secondly  as of today, 99% sure i will be at  the Watford " Gig"  we should get back from our
annual Tunisian break 2nd July. looking foward to free drinks.

                       Regards to All Ted

Harpenden 1949/53,flat 14, Sister Daisy Sherwood.There with my brother .Left Jan 53.

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May 8 13 11:36 PM

Hi Ted,
                    I could almost say snap but for different reasons, in my case it was probably bad fish-keeping.   A week away saw me return to 3 of my largest dead with bloat.   I have tested th water but so far can find no reason other than possibly one of the Grandchildren fed them whilst it was still to cold.

I am impressed with your picture of a Sparrow-hawk, it really was letting nothing distract it for that picture to be taken.    I had a wee success on the Isle of Wight, crept up on a Cuckoo resting after flying the channel.

Looking forward to Watford.


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