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May 3 13 6:01 PM

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Due to a few strange people that join and then post odd items, would you please post something early either as a message or on your own listing page as to why you are interested in the site.
If you don't make any contact within the first few weeks, we will remove you from the listing.
If you are a member that has been banned or removed and start to post under a new name, it will be removed.


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Oct 17 15 6:25 AM

Hi , i was in sheringham nch in the early 60s , just trying to find out as much as i can about my early years ,, ive no idea how to use this site or anything :-)

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Oct 24 15 10:47 PM

reply to ww

Hi ww.
I was in Sheringham branch but maybe left before you arrived, Not many people from Sheringham get on here and as I have been on some time but under another name as this site seems dificult to navigate the earlier versions were easier.If i can help I will.Please let me know what House you were in and the family name .E.G...Kings Lynn.  Lowestoft or.........Whatever...

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