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Dec 16 13 9:02 PM

Hello Everybody!
I haven't visited this site for some time and when I tried to log in it just wouldn't have it. I have had to rejoin the site as a new member to get in. Why did Lefora have to change it? I wonder how many members have struggled to log in and given up? The next step now for me will be to navigate my way around and see how I get on. It will be good to be able to read all the news and comments again and post some messages [ as a new member I am starting again from 0 ]. Congrats. to all you people who have managed to get back on this site - well done! seriously!

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#62 [url]

Dec 16 13 11:15 PM

welcome back Mac

Hi there Mac Bertie B here yes it took me some time to work it out and I am still not sure how it all works, and I think some members are still trying too work it out,anyway I hope that I find you well and wish you all the best for the festive season,best regards Bertie Bimage

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Dec 17 13 10:15 PM

Hi Bertie,
             Great to hear from you; hope this message turns up in the right place so you get to read it! Have a marvellous Christmas and 
a very happy New Year. We are going to have a quiet Christmas I think, although we'll be seeing our grandson on Boxing Day so things
will liven up then!
Best Regards,

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