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Jul 31 13 6:29 PM

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Dear Philip, finding this webpage yesterday has given me a glimmer of hope of finding things out about reasons that i and my sister were placed in care and consequently fostered [long term]. I have been toying with the idea of trying to find my birth mother for a number of years, but also have a curiosity to read my records to hopefully, gain answers to questions that have cropped up in my head from time to time. [i think this is probably a far less intrusive way of gaining answers than going directly to any existing family members].Armed with the knowledge that my notes should still be archived and that i can actually access them and indeed have them in my posession, is already like some weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I took the opportunity to thoroughly read through your own records and was pleased to read that you and your mother reached a happy ending. i must be amongst many who are happy that you founded this forum, i am optomistic about the support i can gain from yourself and other members. hopefully hear from you soon. Kathryn

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Jul 31 13 11:36 PM

When you do get to request your records, you might come across several hurdles.
All you have to do is ask, and the members will try and give hints on how the records can be obtained.


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