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Aug 2 13 11:57 AM

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Would love to hear from anyone at Holmwood, including Perkins House from late 60's to '78. I was there '69-'78. My email's: 
Thanks. Monica Browne

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Aug 2 13 5:09 PM

Dear Monica,

Welcome to the site.

I remember Sister Jean W Gray who was the Superintendent at the NCH Bristol Branch before her elevation on promotion to Staffing Secretary and then becoming the first member of the Sisterhood to be made a member of the NCH Executive Committee.  Also Sister Fiona Fletcher who I met at the recent Action for Children Reunion at Watford.  I also remember Sister Doreen Cousins in  the early 1970's who served at Holmwood and later became an NCH Social Worker based at the NCH South West Regional Office which was located in the grounds of Holmwood.

Do you remeber David Le Poidevin an Old Boy of Holmwood?

Best wishes,


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Sep 19 15 4:39 PM



hi Sue, yes I remember you and the Griffiths family. I was quite close to Diane as we were similar age and I met up with her a few years ago when the police were making enquiries into Holmwood. I sent you a message on here but not too sure how these messages work so u may not get it.  My own email is and its best to reach me on that next time.  Whereabouts are u now? I'm in South London. I went to Holmwood a few years ago to visit and the grounds are all different now but the house is still the same! If u give me an email I'll contact u easier as I'm not too sure about the workings on this site.  Cheers, Monica, but now I go by Monique.  Take care.  

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Sep 19 15 4:43 PM



hi Wendy yes I remember you and the Griffiths family as you were all there when I came to Perkins in '69. I got a photo of you in the garden with Aaron and some of the kids in ur photo. If you give me an email I'll scan it and send to you as I'm not sure how this site works exactly. I stumbled on it by chance years when I googled 'Holmwood' !!
look forward to hearing from you, and all your sisters including Diane if you're still in touch.

take care.  Monica, now I go by Monique

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Oct 29 16 6:12 PM


Hello Monica

We have not spoken for a long time -  I have recently accessed my NCH file so have not been on this forum for a long time Anywat hope you are well

I have been surfing growingupinthench and have stumbled across a black and white photo which has been posted by Susan Griffiths. Do you remember her and her family. Anyway I recognise Mandy, Wendy and David Griffiths but none of the other people in the picture. Any names spring to mind ?


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