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I was in Newton Hall, Frodsham, cheshire from 18 mths old to five years. Leaving in 1957. There were two older children there who were very protective of me. I had been taken into the nch as an emergency after some violent treatment. I was moved from the babies house to Sister Joans house, but I wasn't a settled child. I had a great deal of internal anger but not being very big, I got picked on by some of the bigger kids. My two angels were Stefan and Gwen. I loved them both dearly and when I went into foster care, later adopted, I missed them very much. I know that Stefan went for fostering a few times but always returned to the home because he loved Sister Joan so much that he didn't want to be anywhere else. Gwen was taken by her mother as soon as she reached working age. I learned these things on one of our trips back to the annual fete day. I never saw Gwen or Stefan again but there's hardly been a day go by when I haven't thought of them. Sadly, being only little, I never knew their surnames so I have no way to find them. I'm sixty-one now. They must be about ten years older.I would love them to know, that I never forgot. That they held a special place in my heart and always will.