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Oct 1 13 4:13 PM

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This is for Dot and Jennifer.

I am front row, fourth from the right.
Front row, third from the right is Elizabeth Chew.
Front row, I think it could be Trevor Outhwaite, fifth from the right.

Front row, first on the left is Dorothy Silk.
Second row, second from right is Jennifer Jones.
Back row, first from left is Elizabeth Anderson.
Back row, seventh from the left is Maxwell Hamilton.

Very best wishes


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Oct 2 13 7:25 AM

Here's a few more names to the faces Deborah:

Marlene Lister - middle row, sixth from right
Charlotte Rawcliffe  -  Middle row, second on left  ( excluding Mr Winfield )
Stuart Shaw  -  middle row, fourth on left
Vanessa ? -  middle row, fifth from right
Christine ?  -  middle row third on left

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