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Jun 11 14 3:34 PM

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Hi Philip,
Just out of curiosity, what does the "points" column refer to, on the  Main Index page?  I see a column of zeros and ones there, but what does it mean?  Of course I'd like to think it means we can rack up points for a prize or a coupon, free icecreams or something, but that's probably just wishful thinking.  Still and all, what do those "points" actually mean?
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Jun 24 14 7:58 AM


Something that it best ignored.
It is for the younger folk, who like to give each other points when the read each others postings, it helps them feel more secure in the feeling that someone likes them.

It would be interesting how our Sister would have reacted to the modern "feelings"


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Jun 26 14 12:54 AM

"Bunch of sissies"

Hi Philip,
Thanks for the clarification.  Will ignore.  But your question about what the Sisters would have thought?   I'm guessing, something along the lines of:  "Goodness, gracious--how things have deteriorated!  What a bunch of sissies and namby-pambies the children (and half the adults as well!) are these days!"
What do you think? 

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