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Aug 23 14 10:22 PM

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HI All,
I've created an album of pics on my profile page with this title, "With Family in Norway", but can't figure out how to attach them to this message.  Any suggestions?  Many thanks!
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Aug 27 14 2:38 PM

Your pictures came up good Shelagh.  What a lovely family, great smiles. The Lady in the last one looked very relaxed!.
Well done, so glad you had a grea ttime
Take Care
Malc T

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Aug 27 14 7:24 PM

Thanks MalcT!  So glad you enjoyed the pics.  It makes all my struggles with Lefora these past couple of days worthwhile after all!
It was a fun trip, and Norway is so beautiful!  But it was the family fun I most enjoyed.
Great to hear from you.
Enjoy the Harrogate reunion.  Not long now...:-)

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Aug 28 14 2:38 PM

Hi Shelagh,  Wow, worth waiting for & aren't you clever to work out how to post the album.  The grandchildren look delightful & is that your daughter or son.  Lovely pictures & a special family time for you to relish until the next time you go to Norway.  love Di 

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Aug 28 14 5:45 PM

Who's who

HI Di,
Thanks for your nice comments.  Yes, that's my daughter, Helen, in the "ice-cream" pic, and my son Yngve looking very Scandinavian and right at home with the pine trees and in a country that can pronounce his name!  :-)

Helen is working up a one-woman show called The Belle of Amherst about the American poet, Emily Dickinson, which she hopes to have produced in Bristol in 2015, and I've been appointed the "literary consultant" !    Yngve celebrated his 45th birthday while we were there.  And Lily has just recently had the release of her first cd of her own piano compositions!  The young grandsons, needless to say, were just being their adorable selves!  (When they weren't trying to kill each other, that is!)

Enjoy the reunion! :-)

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Aug 29 14 1:15 PM


Yngve, not a problem Shelaghc, even had a drink with people with that name in Scandinavia. Its when you get the Calle's and the Runi's then you might get into trouble.
Nice photo's. I was in Sweden a couple of months ago have a nice autumn.
Hi to one and all

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Aug 29 14 5:27 PM

East of Sweden ( my new novel!) with apologies to John Steinbeck :-)

Hey Gavin!, Nice to hear from you.  What's your connection to Sweden?  Work? Family?  Just personal interest?  It is a lovely country, but I have to say I do think Norway is more spectacularly beautiful with its rocks and mountains and fjords and so on.  Very dramatic landscapes.  Sweden--at least the part I knew--was just rolling green fields, birch trees and some pine forests.  Very nice for sure!  It's been interesting for me to learn in more recent times that I was actually in Uppsala when Ingmar Bergman was there!  May have passed him on the street, but of course at that time I wouldn't have known who he was!  I am in awe of his artistry in film, though I realise its not everyone's taste.  Hope you are well, and continuing with your art work. 
All the best,

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