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Sep 8 14 11:23 PM

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Have been contacted by a former member smiley: alien that tells me the organ might be up for sale.smiley: tongue
Anyone interested?

Philipsmiley: glasses
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Sep 9 14 9:26 PM

SO glad I got to hear that organ one more time, at the 2010 Harpenden reunion!  Of course it reminded me of Sister Gwen, and our many times of singing in the chapel with this magnificent sound accompanying our efforts!   Sad that it is "up for sale", but I would agree with Roy, that YWAM might as well get the benefit  of its sale for their own uses.  After all, they have done a good job of maintaining those special grounds, and have been gracious about ex-NCH people being there in various times and ways. Sigh...still and all, it's hard to let go, isn't it?  Those times have passed and we have all moved on. Just thankful for what was--and the legacies of things like a love for music, which for me was definitely born in that special place and time!
P.S. Keep us posted about this, Philip.  Thanks.

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Sep 20 14 3:17 PM

Thanks for the update, Philip.  I suppose the organ will remain in the chapel, then--for as long as the chapel, and the Home itself, remains.  Somehow that seems comforting.  Understood that, as the song goes, "nothing stays the same forever".  :-)    

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