Oct 23 14 4:18 PM

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Hi Everyone!
I came across a small item in my files this morning that made me smile.  Something I hadn't noticed before amid the welter of details about my time under the auspices of the NCH umbrella.  Dated 17th July 1956 ( I would have been sixteen years old then, and in the after-care program under Mr Jacka), I see a little note signed by Mr Shutt (governor at Harpenden) that says "Summer holiday--I am writing to Mr Roycroft asking if he can have Sheila (that's how I spelled my name in those days) for a week or two.  She is very keen to spend a holiday in Yorkshire".  Well, that didn't happen, but I'm assuming this would have meant that I would have been at the Harrogate branch for a little while!  :-)  What a pity that didn't happen!  Not sure why.  No explanations.  You know how those files are-- very hit and miss about dates, details and reasons.  But I was so pleased that this was at least a consideration, and I already knew and liked Mr Roycroft. How wonderful it would have been to meet some of you Harrogators who post here regularly!  And can any of you (from any branch) share some surprising or interesting bits of information you got from your files?  (No need to share the really grueling stuff, unless you want to on the private forum).