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Feb 25 15 8:29 PM

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HI All!
Just an fyi for anyone interested in having a copy of Terry Philpot's book, NCH Action for Children: The Story of Britain's Foremost Children's Charity.
I inadvertantly ordered 2 copies, and only need one.  If anyone's interested , pllease let me know and send your postal address via private message.  I'll be glad to send it to you.  There are references to several of the branches, but no real in-depth coverage of these.  Also sections on special projects and services offered by the NCH/AFC.   A good general history, published in 1994..
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Aug 11 15 5:28 PM

Hello All.

i do not know if this is the correct place to post this and I am sorry to the moderator if it is not. Anyway I just want to introduce myself. I am John-Paul Brennan but I was formerly Philip James Brennan. I change my first names by deed poll on 2005. I was in Newton Hall for most of my childhood and then spent a very brief time in the NCH in Birkdale. I would like to inform anyone interested that I have written a script which I ma hoping to turn into a film which is loosely based on some of my experiences when growing up in care. It has already been a play which was presented in London earlier this year and is called The Orchard House. Which is taken from the name Orchard End which was a house at the home. For more information on this project and if you want to help me get this project off the ground visit my website at or email

Thank you

I live in London now and have many stories from my time at Newton Hall. I was there over ten years until it closed in 1985.

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