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Aug 3 15 2:14 PM

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HI All!
Is there anyone here who would know, or could find out, what Alan Hamblin's Harpenden address is?  He's the author of a fascinating book on the Royal Albert Orphanage in Worcester from its beginnings in the mid-1800's up until it was closed in the '50's.  It's called, "If Only These Walls Could Speak", a compilation of the history of the place, and several first-hand accounts of what it was like for kids who were there.

I'm wondering if Mr Hamblin has ever considered writing about the Harpenden branch of the NCH since he lives so near?  It's my guess that several of us Harpenden folks would like to see some sort of similar book with contributions from those of us who were there.  As indeed would be greatt for any of the NCH branches.

The first-hand accounts of the Royal Albert Orphanage tell of a way of life that I think many of us here could relate to, although it was definitely better in our time than those earlier ones!

Please send me any info via the private forum if you prefer not to use this public one.  But I would be so happy to contact this author if indeed he is still alive--he must be in his 80's now.  :-)  He's done a super job of showing the good, the bad and the, well, that which was not entirely beautiful.

Much appreciated, and in the words of Mr Grace from the TV show,  "Are You Being Served?",  I hope you are all doing very well!  :-)

Many thanks,
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Aug 5 15 2:46 PM

If I can help in any way, writing up people's memories of The Oval, for example, please let me know, should you decide to go ahead yourself with a book on Harpenden! Best, Les.

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Aug 5 15 7:49 PM

Thank you!

Thank you for the offer, Les.  Will keep in touch if that were ever to be a possibility. :-)  At present I'm still working on completing my own full-length memoir of my years there.  But if there's anyone else who's free enough to gather stories from everyone who would like to participate in something like that, I think it could be done. :-)  Alan Hamblin's book is a good example of that.  I think it's fairly obvious he put out a series of questions for people to consider, and got a great deal of response from former residents of the Royal Albert Orphanage in Worcester, covering the 30s. 40s and 50's, when it closed down. 

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