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Sep 29 15 11:32 AM

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I have been checking the forum for some time now and Hello where have allthe Harpos gone it would be great too see some action maybe someone could start the ball rolling ,I would love to know how you are all keeping we are all keeping well here at Luton,just got back from a short holiday from Cornwall which was great but suffering somewhat from all the fresh cream scones [yummy]well hope to here from someome  just to let me know all is well best regards Bertie Bimage
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Sep 29 15 8:40 PM

Remember to login before you write anything

Otherwise you will waste a lot of time.
I think many of the members have the will to post after their computes fail to remember their login info.
As to the Harpos, I think they got too full with food at the London reunion, and have spent the last few months sleeping it off.


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Oct 1 15 1:34 AM

Hello bertie, glad someone else is 'out there',   there was about six of us hanging in  ,four Harpies and Di and Me from Harrogate, sadly they too have gone, I think facebook has taken over for it's ease of use. I'm a long time member so it's sad to see it's decline.
Take care
Malc T

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Oct 6 15 11:32 AM

Just testing

 HI    Philip i was not awear that i had not logged in so just testing too seeif i have got it right,Anyway how are you keeping now well i hope,it a shame that there is a decline from the members.Maybe Malc T has it right regarding Facebook takieing over i do hope that is not the case.Well take care Philip keep in touch. Hi Malc T great hearing from you hope that i find you well lets hope we can encurage a few back to the froumimagetake care now keep in touch best regards Bertie B

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