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my 2 brothers Gary and Shaun Courtney were in the choir with Mrs Burns in the 1970s.  They made various records and Gary sings solo on the LP Highfield singing for you at your request in the song "Take my life" They also did In a golden coach in 1977 for the queens silver jubilee and Happy Birthday Micky Mouse with Davy Jones in 1978 which i have found on you tube. My Brother wants to try and get copies of the LPs and singles as over the years they have been lost.  Does anyone know where we can get them? Does anyone remember Gary and Shaun? (They both had ginger hair)
Shaun remembers they were in the last house on the left as you entered the oval and he also remembers an uncle Don who worked in the house.
heres the link to Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse with Davy Jones