Jun 24 16 11:58 PM

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I have only just discovered this site.  I lived in Edradour House from 1982-86.  One of the members of staff I grew up with from a previous home in Dundee run by Dundee Social Work is where I met Caroline Frazer who was from Blairgowrie and eventually went on to work at Edradour House in Pitlochry.  She is one of the only people in my life that has known me from a very young age.  She is also someone I have been seeking to reconnect with and find for over 30 years now.  I have missed her since the day she stopped working at NCH Edradour House in Pitlochry.

Anyone who has any knowledge of her whereabouts please contact me or give her my contact details here.  I would be incredibly grateful for any assistance on this.