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Feb 7 12 12:55 PM

I certainly remember Miss Bottom!!  Whereabouts do you live now?

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Feb 9 12 1:57 AM

Hi I was there around the time I was under Peter my key worker was Jean she married another House parent Mike and was called Jean Haslett Jones do you remember any of these kind regards Mandy

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May 12 16 9:15 PM


Hi, Not sure how long ago you put your post up but I was at Holmwood Bristol 1953 & 1957 and was looked after by Sister Muriel. I remember Holmwood as a happy place, the garden fates, riding around in a red peddle car, Listen with Mother, watching TV for the first time and dolly-mixtures, which Sister Muriel would give me before my afternoon nap. Whilst at Holmwood I was badly scolded on my legs when one of the cooks accidentally slipped and poured boiling water all over me whilst I was being tended to having been stung under the foot by a wasp. I was really sad to see that some of the children may have been abused in the 70s, as nothing like that ever happened to me. I last saw Sister Muriel in the mid-1960s after she moved to Alverstoke. For me I have always considered Sister Muriel to have been my mother and but for her love, kindness and care, I doubt very much I would be the person I am today. The grounding I got at Holmwood allowed be to shake off, eventually the rest of the mostly awful treatment I received in the rest of the care system. I have since changed my name by deed poll but was known as Martyn in those days.

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