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Jun 20 11 5:52 AM

Your photographs are really interesting JacqueIine.  I wish we'd had the foresight to take photographs of the interiors of the houses at Harrogate before they were demolished. There were some beautiful stained glass windows on the staircases of some of the houses   ..........    We thought the stained glass window in the chapel at Harrogate was quite unique, but I see you had exactly the same in the chapel at Crowthorn.  Perhaps they were mass produced especially for the NCH ?

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Jun 20 11 5:46 PM

Hi Jennifer, they are great photographs however I can't take the credit. I had to hunt online for them. I would have taken them myself but I have been ill lately. I have managed to find some more and will be uploading them soon. Yes,... I agree. The stain glass windows are absolutely beautiful. I do believe that they may all have been similar. I have been looking at photos from Harrogate, and the beds that I saw in those pictures are also the same as ones they used at Crowthorn. Was Harrogate also out in the country? Two years ago I also got my reports from Crowthorn, unfortunately at the time I had not realised that I was entitled to the originals. I'm plan on getting the originals.  I will scan and put a few up on this site of the ones I already have. I even have the list of all the clothes that they bought for me when I first arrived there,... It was the the funniest thing. OK Jennifer,... hopefully I will hear from you again soon.


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Nov 14 11 1:28 AM

Hi Christine,

It sounds a lot for a secondhand postcard but what value for money in the memories it will bring!
Well done for sticking with it.


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Nov 15 11 4:49 PM

Hiya Roy.                                                                                                                            Thankyou.I'd have paid more for it if need be.The price doubled at the last few mins.I think I got a bargain. «(°¿°)» I'm told that these cards were issued to all Children on leaving Newton Hall.But this is the first I ever saw.Did You get one from Your home?                                                                                      Christine. :)

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Mar 25 12 1:32 PM

Christmas 1966 at Penhurst, Chipping Norton. I am the boy with black hair, looking directly at the camera

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