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Mar 26 12 2:34 PM

Dear Nabil,

Welcome to the site and thanks for contributing these photographs.

I feel sure that I remember your name from the NCH Our Family News magazine.

Best wishes,


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Mar 26 12 8:20 PM

These pictures of children smiling through their disabilities makes me feel extremely humble. One can only hope that fate was much more generous to them in later life.


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Mar 26 12 8:33 PM

Hello Clive, I went to Swansea branch for a couple of summer holidays in 1963 and 1964. One of those holidays in Swansea was particularly memorable because we went to the local cinema to see the Beatles new movie "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT", but we couldn't hear a thing because the girls in the audience were making too much noise with their screaming.

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Mar 26 12 10:36 PM

Hi Nabil,
                      Thank you for these most revealing photos. I can only echo Roger's thoughts and say thank goodness that the NCH was there for all of us. We at Harpenden were aware of Chipping Norton as special branch but your pictures have brought home to me just how special it was.


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Mar 27 12 5:53 AM

We always like to welcome new members Nabil.  There are precious few photos of the children who lived in the NCH during the 1950s, so thank goodness John passed his collection on to you.  Are you the one on the far right in the group photos ?  I can see by the expression on your face, that you were destined to be a trouble maker !  Do you still paint ?


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Mar 27 12 4:11 PM

Thank you for the photos, Nabil.  And welcome to the forum!

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