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Mar 28 12 5:02 AM

I just knew it, Nabil Shaban !  There's no mistaking the potential in that cheeky face !  Especially now that you've revealed your true colours.

Super photos !


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Mar 28 12 11:40 AM

You are right, Jennifer. I was a very naughty boy at Penhurst. Always in trouble with the staff for being cheeky. Most days I was sent to bed early as punishment for insolence and stubbornness and uncooperativeness. Many staff in the other family groups didn't want their children to play with me, as they regarded me as a natural born rebel and bad influence. Mr. Hughes nearly had to expel on at least one occasion. Nonetheless, when I was an adult, and I use to visit Mr and Mrs Hughes, Superintendent and Matron, after they had retired, they use to mention fond memories of me, so I can't have been that bad. Mind you, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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Mar 29 12 5:44 AM

You can't have been all that bad if you love animals, Nabil   ......   As for me.  Of course I was ALWAYS a goody two-shoes.  ( Well, maybe sometimes. )

I'm sure the boys from Harpenden will enjoy having you on board, Nabil,  once you get to know them. 
They're a bit naughty too sometimes, and love a bit of lively banter.  


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Mar 29 12 6:59 AM

I can't imagine what you mean Jennifer

Welcome aboard Nabil, some great photos thanks for sharing them with us. It is good to see what other branches were like and to hear of other inmates experiences. I don't recall ever visiting other branches but am sure we had visits at Harpenden from other homes.

All the best

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Mar 30 12 12:48 AM

I am looking for David Pike. For security tell me what Childrens Home you were in & where. My name is Jean.

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