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Jan 9 10 3:39 PM

as you can see i have been round the block in my life i was in care from the age of 4 till i was 15 my life was a mess with a lot of failed relationships i have moved around a lot but age i think has mellowed claim to fame whilst in danesford was running away a lot and mr hudson a member of staff coming to ostend  belgium to collect me i had no money or passport........ i had read a book about a prisoner of war escaping from prisoner of war camp in germany who got back to the uk i thought i he can do it with no documents so can i .stood me in good stead when i joined the legion.

if anyone sees my pics and new me back then hope everything turned out ok for you ,me im good my brother len is good he was in woodlands house in danesford,

if anyone knew john fanning and knows the circumstances of his death pleas get in touch i would like to pay my respects

philip top job on this site and all the effort you have put in  thanks for bringing the memories alive for me

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Feb 16 10 12:08 AM

1952? - Boys from Harpenden, 7th Harpenden Scout Troop, off camping. The transport was an old lorry where most of the boys travelled in the back with the kit.(Health and Safety?) A couple went in the cab with the Scoutmaster -Skipper Cade and the really chosen ones, 4 of them, were taken in Ted Shutt's car. The camp was In Phasells Wood just south of Hemel Hempsted.

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Feb 17 10 4:40 AM

Hi Roy.
well come to think of it, the one time I  was privelidged to be picked up by Shutt & got to have a lift in his car, was when  the school called the home to come get me as I was causing trouble in class at  Manland school & had to be taken away & was picked up from school by him & Sadler?? and another governor...cant remember any other time....about the same time that I ran away, did not get too far though & was brought back.
hope all is well with you all

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Feb 17 10 5:46 AM

Hi Roy,
Yes a name from the past, Mr Cade was the scout master, in the picture the lad second form the left is none other than John Westwood (Deakin), the forth one over with his leg up resting his arm on his knee is  Douglas Polton (Wakfield) but stand to be corrected on this christian name. There was three Poltons, ? Polton, Douglas Polton & Granvil Polton the youngest of the three, all in Wakefield.
I was in the scouts but got slung out droping my staff in the middle of prayers it made such a noise Mr Cade almost had an accident, so I was told not to come again, suited me anyway. The third lad and the one behind I know the faces but there names elude me at the moment.
Reagrds Micky Mapp

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Feb 17 10 9:26 AM

Hi Roy,
I have a correction to make, the Polton family where as follows, oldest to youngest,
Douglas, Brian & Granvil, the Polton in the scouts photo was not Doug but Brian.
Regards Micky Mapp

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Mar 2 10 9:14 PM

Found this photo in my loft while sorting TV ariel cable.

I recognise most but unfortunatly can't remember all names.
Rear Left is  Me, Mike Plumridge, ???, ???, Tina Plumridge
Front Left    Azu's brother?, ???, ???, My sister Sally.

I think Highfield had been given the trampolene by some organisation or company and the photo was set up to record the event I think it was published in a paper but am not certain.

Click here to view the attachment

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Mar 4 10 10:31 AM

Hello there Dave

Standing next to Mike Plumridge is David Smith and next to your sister Sally on the trampoline bed is Janet who was one of the twins, Paul was her brother.

I remember the trampoline very well... we used to go over to the BB Hall on Sunday afternoons if there was enough staff to stand around the edge. Gave myself 2 black eyes when I failed to come out of a somersault! Ouch!!!

Warmest wishes

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Apr 6 10 6:17 PM

Hello Philip,
Thank you for this great page and the welcome. Also the earlier email telling me of this great place; what a brilliant idea. 

That picture I posted of the home I came across earlier this afternoon while doing a search on NCH and came across it by chance. It was quite a shock and has left me somewhat dazed but with fond memories. It has also helped me to connect properly to a part of my past life. Sadly I did learn some time ago that the house is no longer being used as a Children's home anymore and the last time I heard it was empty and the front garden over grown. 

Best wishes

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Apr 6 10 7:37 PM


If you want to open more of your past, you can always ask to see your file from your time with the NCH.

For an idea of what could be in your file see.

but everyones file is different.


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