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Jan 23 16 2:37 AM


I am sorry that I do not have any pictures of you Dad Bruno but I can see him in my mind as clear as if he were standing beside me.    Bruno was the baby of Sister Lottie's family in Clifton House when I arrived in 1949.   He was very popular kid with all of us older boys, always cheerful but, as the Scots would say, canny.   No one had many toys that they could call their own and Bruno had less then most.  One of my best memories was of Bruno turning up with a battered Dinky Toy car that had one wheel missing. Feeling sorry for him I used one of my precious spares to repair this car for him only to find later that he had gone out and sold the car for 3d to one of the other younger lads.  I would like to think that he had purchased the toy for 1d  but that would be wishfull thinking, wouldn't it?