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Apr 18 13 12:19 PM

The adult in the middle picture immediately above is Sister Eva Brooker. Hope this helps, Philip. Les.

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Apr 29 13 7:29 PM

Philip, thanks for loading the programmes for me. Noting your comments above the following may surprise you. Somewhere earlier on the photo page is a picture of some Wakefield children with one pushing a younger one in a wheelbarrow. I was standing next to Sister Pearl when the photo was taken. They were going to rake over the sandpit in the middle of the Oval so that they could practice for Branch sports day. Sister Pearl actually demonstrated the hop-skip-jump (as it was called then ) herself and got a fair distance. The person pushing the barrow was Douglas Poulton and his brother Brian is on the left of the picture. Whereas I recognise the others as Sister Pearl's family I cant remember names, maybe someone else can help here. The picture was taken circa 1951-2.  Roy


And that is me in my car, now that you mention that this photo was from 1951/2

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#185 [url]

Apr 29 13 7:59 PM

Thanks for the photo info.
When I was in Wakefield, I never knew how active Sister Pearl had been with her earlier tasks of the Brownies etc.
I only met one of the Poulton boys in 1967, he came with his wife and was with us on a holiday where they helped look after us.


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#186 [url]

May 5 13 7:58 PM

    Another funny little story
My Dad, who shall we say was a gentleman of the road,once turned up at our home riding a bicycle he'd pinched in St Albans ,I recognised it at once as belonging to Eric Keddie lol,
discretion was the better part of valour so I never mentioned it to Eric but if you find him you can tell him who nicked his bike from where he worked , Must have been around 1968 or so


HI all,
Just found this site. Would be most grateful for any further info about my lost bike. Small reward offered.(LOL) Eric.

PS I have seen the enquiries re Terry Steggal and would be pleased to respond to the poster (s) directly, should they wish for any further info.

Kind regards

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#187 [url]

May 6 13 8:48 AM

Hi Philip
I attended the 2013 Harpenden Reunion and met up with my old best mate John Masterman and his wife Pat. 
We had arranged to meet at The Old Bell for lunch. I was really surprised at how many other of us oldies turned up. 
I'm sorry to say that I didn't recognise some of them, but as soon as they said their names, it all came back again. 
It was really great to be with them again, and reminisce about old times, and hear how life has treated them since leaving Harpenden.
Good to meet up with you Philip, and thanks for starting up this great web site for us.
Dave Butler

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#189 [url]

Jul 3 13 6:24 PM

I am so thrilled to see the above cuttings and photos on here Philip. I have the proofs of the pictures which Ann Pearl gave me some years ago. I have never forgotten being involved in this production, but I also remember going to London and being involved with 'Thank Heavens for Little Girls' rendition mimed by one of the above boys. I would dearly love to get copies of the newspaper cutting.

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#190 [url]

Jul 15 13 7:02 PM

Hello everyone,

My (2) brothers David & Mark Pryce (who have since passed) and I were at Harpenden from 9/76 – 12/80. I was 5 when I first went into the home. We were in flat 11 and Sue and Paul Stage were the house-parents, who lived in the flat upstairs with their own two children Alison and Michael Stage. Some of the other Children’s names who were actually in care with us whose names I can remember were Angela Neal, Stephen  & Peter Dorsett and Eugene Thames, Cecil Thames. As far as members’ of staff go I remember a  Mr. Murray, Mr. Spencer, we had a young german lady as well, I can’t remember her name though.  There are also a couple names throughout my file (possibly members of staff) but I have no recollection of them by names are Goodman, J.C. Burn and Oxborrow.

I’m looking to connect with former members staff or anyone who was there during that time, who might remember me or my brothers to fill in some of the blanks. A couple of people who were in different flats that I reached out to are so far removed from their time in Harpenden, and want no parts of it, or they don’t remember me. Unfortunately my photos were lost in a fire back in 1989, and would also love to see any if there are any floating around from that time.


P.S. I've just joined this site...not sure where I should've posted. My apologies if it should have been posted somewhere else.

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Jul 16 13 11:25 AM

HI all,
Just found this site. Would be most grateful for any further info about my lost bike. Small reward offered.(LOL) Eric.
PS I have seen the enquiries re Terry Steggal and would be pleased to respond to the poster (s) directly, should they wish for any further info.
Kind regards


     hi ,eric, ron spooner  here remember me? rsp952

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Sep 15 13 9:45 PM

I have been interested to read about the memories that are coming out on this forum.
My mother (Nancy Overton) worked at The Oval during the 40s, and always spoke of her time here with great fondness. I still live in Harpenden, and she has a small memorial stone at the bottom of the field.
As a child in the 60s I remember that we would regularly come to the open days.
I doubt there will be anyone who would still remember her as she left a few years later to marry my father. The name of Sister Pearl (who has a few mentions on this site) sounds familiar, but maybe that is my memory going.
Best wishes to all

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#193 [url]

Sep 17 13 3:48 PM

Hi Jon,
I was at Harpenden at the same time as your mother, during the second half of the 40's in my case.  I feel I ought to know this person but her name doesn't ring a bell.  Are you able to post a picture of her on the forum from that time?  I may well recognise her face if not the name.  What was her role at the branch at that time?
I remember Sister Pearl very well. My sister, who was also called Nancy but not the one you are referring to of course, was in Sister Pearl's care for a while. 
Good luck with your search.
There may well be others who remember your mother, so keep trying. :-)

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#194 [url]

Sep 18 13 11:07 PM

Hi Jon,

Your Mother's name rings a bell but it is probably due to her having a memorial stone in the cemetary.
I was at Highfield from 1949 and knew of a couple of girls/ladies named Nancy but the only one I did not know the surname of worked in the new Nursery/old laundry building.  Sadly, other than knowing this person just 'in passing' I would not be able to help further.

Best of luck with your searching - as Shelagh says ' keep trying'


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#195 [url]

Aug 15 14 5:07 PM

Christopher Cook & Deborah Cook



I was searching the :
"Growing up in the NCH"
"Branches of the NCH"
"Highfield - Harpenden"
web-site, and did a search on Christopher, and I came upon an email data 14 Feb 2013.

Dated : Feb 14 13 10:25 PM
A selection of photos sent in by a trainee Cherry Gooding  Highfiel
d in 1964.

This photo is of my cousins Deborah & Christopher Cook, whom I have been chasing for 40 years.  I have also attached another photo that I have which shows them as positive confirmation. Although they are a bit younger (in the only photo that I had of them, that is... up until now...)

Refer these links :

Can you PLS provide any more info from the person who provided these photo's ?  They may still be in contact.... or may know someone that is still in contact.

Really keen to track them down, so we can meet.


Ross Sanders
email direct :

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#196 [url]

Aug 15 14 5:31 PM

Christopher Cook & Deborah Cook

Hello Beauwulf,

Saw your ppost and needed to folloow up asap.

Did you or do you still know Deborah Cook ?  The older girl in the photo that you commented on ?. I have been trying to locate her for 40 years.

We are her cousins now living in Australia.

Any info to try and locate Deborah and Christopher Cook, would be grateful.

Do you still have Alan Shepherds contact details ? Or Elaine K, or any others of that year ?


Ross Sanders
Perth, Australia
email :

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#197 [url]

Aug 15 14 10:14 PM

I will try and find out if the original email address is available, at the time Lefora was changing its system, a large amount of the original records werenever transfered to the new systen, as with photos, only the basic link was saved.
It might take some time, but I will see what I can find out.


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#199 [url]

Jan 16 16 12:08 PM


My 2 older brothers were at Harpenden during the 70s. They were Gary and Shaun Courtney (both had ginger hair) My brother said the house they lived in was the furthest one on the left as you entered the oval. They were in the choir with Mrs Burns and made many records including Happy birthday mickey mouse with Davy Jones in 1978 and in a golden coach in 1977. Anybody remember them? also does anyone know where we can get copies of the records (LPs)???

Thanks in advance

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