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Apr 13 12 7:01 PM

My mam was with sister Pearl when she first joined, then went to another flat where she was with a sister she thinks was called Doreen but can't remember, she didn't like it there, apperently this sister was very lazy. She also made friends with a girl in sister Coras house called Elizabeth Lester, 56 years later and my mam and Liz are still close friends.

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Jul 21 12 12:21 AM

I was on that Iceland trip too, I was so young as I grew older I thought I had imagined all.  LOL,!! was only whilst speakin to sister Jill that I realised it was true ,and to honest i dont remember too much about it except crying when i caught my finger in a door ,and the snow ,and the lovely gloves SisterJill bought me. I must have been the youngest as I was only six.


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Sep 11 12 1:46 PM

Hi Audrey,  Congratulations for successfully posting the pages from the House News.  They make very interesting reading, particularly the committee meeting between the staff & boys of 15 & over where 3 of them requested piano lessons.  It got me thinking what our boys would have requested at Harrogate Branch & I don't think it would have been piano lessons!
love Di

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Nov 12 12 7:06 PM

Hello All - I am new at this, but was really quite excited to see every one else's memories of Harpenden.     My name is Margaret McLaren formerly Hurren and I lived in the house where Sister Ethel Smith was, from about 1948 to 1958    I  went to Manland Secondary School.  Hope I have not mangled the name, since my memory is not quite as clear as I think it is.  I currently live in the US and have asked for info from my file, which I hope I can get without too many obstacles.   I do hope that there is someone out there who was living in Harpenden at the same time as me.  I look forward to chatting with you and remembering the good times.

Margaret (now known as Margo)

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Nov 12 12 9:35 PM

Hello Margaret Hurren!  Welcome to the forum!  I remember you, and wonder if you remember me--Shelagh Cosgrove, in Sister Cora's family from 1946-52?   I remember Sister Ethel very well, too.  Wow!  How amazing that you're here now.  I bet we remember a lot of the same people.   I live in the States too, now,  and would love to have more contact with you, and hear more about your Harpenden years!  I"m in Ohio.  What state do you live in?
Welcome!  I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Nov 13 12 12:14 AM

Bag Teas,
When Sister Pearl wanted a quiet afternoon, or had her own guests for tea.
We were given Bag Teas and told to make ourselves scarce until some time later, if it was during the summer it often meant later returns than normal.
A sandwich or two, cake or biscuits, an apple or carrot and possibly some other treat, housed in a brown paper bag.
For me the only difference on these days when our return was not really welcome was on an injury, these times I was meant to go direct to Sister Ann at the hospital.

PS I hate raw carrot

Click here to view the attachment

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Nov 13 12 12:31 AM

Welcome Margo,
                            Another who enjoyed the guidance of Beaky Bloxham etc. Ha quality shows eh?
I went through the Manland system probably a few years before you but like Shelagh recognise the name. Do you have a claim to fame, set fire to the Block possibly?  
You may have noticed we are now scraping the bottom for pictures from/of Highfield so if you have any doubly welcome.


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Nov 13 12 3:35 AM

Hello Shelagh,

Great hearing from you, and it is so humbling that you would even remember me after such a long time.    I have some vague memories of names, and yours is one of them..   Also Virginia Erskine who emigrated to Australia, cannot remember the date exactly, and Roger Perry, who was a great dancer, though not sure which house he lived in.    I live in New Mexico these days, though have lived in many States since I moved here with my husband of 40 years (also a Brit), though sadly he passed away about 18 months ago.
I am sure that I will remember other folks as I get  reminded of them.  I remember well climbing one of the trees in the middle of the oval, and getting into a lot of trouble with Sister Ethel because I was too slow getting back down to earth.   I was in the choir too, and  nowadays cannot imagine why, since whatever voice I had, left me years ago.  
I manage to get back to the U.K. once a year, and will be returning next July, so  I am hopeful that there will be another Harpenden reunion around that time, so that I can revisit all the places that I used to love to explore.
Sorry, but random thoughts make my sentences a bit awkward.   Hope to hear from you again soon. I am also on facebook, and I use skype too, if you want to connect that way too.  Let me know.

Margo (Margaret)

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Nov 13 12 3:50 AM

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the welcome.   I am quite excited to get to know who's still around that I knew way back when.     Yes Beaky Bloxham was a part of my education, though I am sorry to say that I have no claim to fame from those days.  I guess I behaved reasonably well during my years at Manland.   Not sure what photos I still have of Highfield, but will check into my collection, and share whatever I find that would be of interest to anyone.  I look forward to future connections.


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Nov 13 12 5:58 PM

Hello again, Margo!
It's so great you have joined us!
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, but if it's any consolation, you will have all sorts of friends, connections and memories here on this ex-NCH forum now. :-)

Yes, I remember Virginia Erskine too.  I am hoping to make a connection with Anne Quinn, but so far no luck.  Any information you have about her would be wonderful.

I think you must have been a brave lass to climb one of the trees in the middle of the Oval!  I sat under those trees many a time, but wouldn't have dared to climb one for the simple reason they were in full view of all the houses, the block, and Mr Shutt's house!  This didn't stop me climbing up Stumpy, and other trees in the Boys Woods however--out of sight, out of mind! :-)

Generally, I get back to the UK once every two years--having to make allowances for the fact that I now have close family in Norway too, so Norway is next on the agenda for me.

Would love to have more connection with you, and I have sent you a private message with my email address.  I use skype and facebook too, so there are a number of possibilities.
All the best,

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#138 [url]

Nov 21 12 9:23 PM

Hi Margo & Roy.
I also went to Manland Sec. Mod. school in the 60's.
Beaky Bloxham was also the headmaster then.
Have to say that the only time I saw him was when I had the cane
for being naughty, which was at least once a week. Ha Ha.
I did like school and got on well.
I had the chance to go to Hatfield Tech. but turned it down because
if anyone took the micky out of me wearing that uniform, then my bad
temper would take over, and I would be in more trouble.
 Happy memories.
Dave Butler

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#139 [url]

Nov 22 12 1:58 AM

Hi Dave Butler,
                                 Had Beaky given up trying to convert the heathens by preaching in the chapel on Sundays?  He was a fairly regular turn as I remember it.    I presume that you turned down Hatfield Tech. School, Doug and me went to Hatfield Tech College as what would these days be called sixth form. There were certainly no uniforms there which was a relief after Manland. We felt almost grown up!


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Nov 24 12 7:23 PM

Well Well Well Margaret i remember you well Bertie Baldwin and my sister Shirley were in Ferens with sister Ethel who by the way is still going at the age of 94 she is in a very nice nursing home in Harpenden i will be going to see her before Chistmas all being well.i was only in Ferens for a short time while they were converting OGB into flates, I was at Harpenden from 1946 to 1957 i think that we must have been in the same age bracket, the thing that is so great about this site is that you just dont know who is going to turn up next,well Margaret let me test your old memory cells with some names from our past i see that you have mentioned Virgina Erskine who had two brothers Tony & Hughie then there were the Williams Gwen Vera Reggie Victor, Joan Bunn,the matelands Ruth &John these were all in Ferens at the time that i as thre any bells ringing, i can remember Sister Ethel being one for the outdoors long walks  picnics and Blackberry picking happy days.
       I am sure that there are some old pics on the old site i will try and copy some and send them to you,i am sure that i have more old memorries and i will be seeing Shirley in the New Year and i sure she has some old pictures.
 i sorry to hear that your Husband had passed away but hope that i find you well
         Once again its great to see you on the site,stay well best regards your old buddy Bertie B.

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