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Nov 24 12 8:43 PM

Hey Bert!
If you do go to see Sister Ethel before Christmas, please say hello to her from me.  It's not likely she'll remember who I am, but I do remember her.

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Nov 24 12 10:23 PM

Hi Bertie,  Good grief, I sure had forgotten a lot about my stay in Ferens and you have just pulled some memories for me of people who lived there at the same time as me, and I am so grateful.   I sure do remember your sister Shirley, Joan Bunn, Gwen, Vera and Reggie Williams, but Victor I am not so sure about.
Also Ruth and John Maitland are names that are very familiar to me too.   Now that you have jogged the old grey cells, maybe I will be able to connect the dots, and remember other things and people as well.    Thanks for brightening my day Bert.
I was so surprised and happy to hear that Sister Ethel is still with us, and would appreciate you also giving my best wishes to her when you visit with her.  As previously mentioned. I currently live in the States, and make yearly treks to family in the U.K. and will make a point of visiting Sister Ethel when I come over next year, which should be sometime in July.  
Any pictures you have that would show my time there, I would appreciate seeing any you have.  Thanks.
I do not appear to have any pictures of my time in Harpenden.   I do have two pictures of me that show me at around 7 years which is the time I first went to Harpenden, and another which shows one of the houses in the background, when I was about 12.    Not being a techno type, cannot yet figure out how to get them into the forum.     
Thanks again Bertie, and if you can pull any more names from your memory hat, please share, and keep in touch.

Margaret (Margo)

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Nov 25 12 3:06 AM

Hello Margo,

 For names and memory jogging there are some copies of the NCH magazine "Our News" on this forum, they cover our period i.e. 1950s quite well. You will find them listed as topics both under News and General sections.
 I can, if you wish, try to help you to get your pictures on to this site. In the first place they need to be stored on your computer, are they? or are they still as prints?


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Nov 25 12 3:15 PM

Posted from their history.

Dear all.
Please find attached a picture of Sister Marjorie (Dorothy Shields) to add to your list of those sisters who served with the NCH&O.
Sister Marjorie was at the Newton Hall home from about 1945 to the late 1960`s.and was Sister in charge at No 8 Windrush,
(formerly Annie Walker House) for all of those years. She then took up another post at the Harpenden Home.
She was a strict person but always fair and,to me at least,she was the only `mother` I ever had. I remember her with utmost
fondness even now,some 50yrs after leaving the `homes` She was well respected by all of the staff and I want her hard work
and dedication to be recognized by her inclusion on your site.
Also attached: Picture of the Windrush family taken in 1958 with Sister Marjorie (myself in the group 1st on left at the back)
Many thanks.
Yours. Michael John Jones.

Click here to view the attachment

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Nov 25 12 7:54 PM

Hi Roy,
Thanks for the info regarding Our News - I have seen them when browsing the various forums, but have not yet taken the time to look closely at them.   Will do that now!
Your help with uploading the pictures will be much appreciated.   When I get them into my computer, I will be asking you to help.  Keep well.


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Nov 26 12 8:45 PM

Hi again Margaret or is it Margo now so pleased that i got your memory cell working, here is another one that will get you thinking do you remember the time we found a pound note and we did not wont to let on too anyone as in those days a pound was a small fortune so we  dicided to bury it in the girls woods i can see us now you were wearing a flowered dress and you had a ribbon in your hair but the problem i have is that i just cannot remember if we ever spent it.
           Ihave just been looking at some old photos on the old site and there is one of you aged about seven and the strange thing is you are wearing a ribbon in your hair, there is also one taken while on Hoiiday in Newqucy or it could have beenTorquay there are seven girls all sitting on a large rock with sister Ethel and i can recognize Shirley, June Jones who was in Clifton and i am sure you are also in the photo but  i do not recognize any of the others this was taken in 1953, were you ever in Clifton with ether Sister Lottie or Sister May i know that Shirley was whilst Ferens was being converted into flates,
        Well Margo here are a few more names from the passed from the girls side, the Baxter twins Hillery and Heather nextdoor in Mrs Ferens i think that they were with Sister Ena,The Bade sisters Vivian and Valerie, and a boy called Ray Diston from Walker,and do you remember a girl called Dorothy Dodds, not sure if she was in Ferens there is a photo of her and Verginia taken after a visit too the health doctors.
           Are you on the growingupinthench privatesite if so i will send you my home email address along with my home address with phone numbers.
   Well Margo that it for now i am sure that   i will come up with more memories until then stay well best regards Bertie B.

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Nov 28 12 6:19 PM

Hi Bertie,  Once again you have surprised me with your wonderful memory.  I have not been able to conjure up any new information on my time in Harpenden other than the basics, and here you are with all the names of people that I had obviously long forgotten.   I do recall the trip to Cornwall, however, ,and like you am not sure whether it was Newquay or Torquay, and since I have not seen the photo, is there anyway to get me a copy?   I am very sad to say, that I have absolutely no memory of the pound note, and what we did with it.    I figure that we all, as children, must have buried a whole lot of stuff back there over the years.    As for a ribbon in my hair, I had very unruly straight hair, and nothing else would hold it neat and tidy, so that is why, though I think a lot of the younger girls were given ribbons to wear for the same reason.  
I was in the choir at one point, and I do recall a visit to the hospital with chicken pox, and being constantly told not to scratch!  I also recall the long walks to Manland, and the maroon/grey uniforms with, I think cream colored shirts, or maybe white?. The visits tio the swimming pool by bus, and playing field hockey.   A little disjointed but memories none the less.
Well Bertie, I was obviously at another house whilst the Ferens house was converted, but I have no memory of where it was.    I have recently asked Action for Children for my file, and am hopeful that I will be able to fill the enormous gaps that seem to be in my memory of the time I spent in Harpenden, and since I was there for almost 10 years, so there are a lot of gaps!    Hopefully this file will give me some insight as to why I have a problem remembering.  
I am not yet able to write on the private site of growingupinthench since I have only recently started on the forum, and need to wait a while til I am confirmed to be o.k. to do so.
I look forward to hearing from you again.  
All the best,

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Nov 29 12 10:26 PM

HI Margo!
You asked about the trip to Cornwall.  As I remember it, our family went with Sister Cora, and it was to Newquay.  I don't remember if we teamed up with your family and Sister Ethel--that's quite possible.  I have a clear recollection of being on that long train journey across-country, and particularly of Sister Cora's excitement when we were crossing the Salisbury Plains, and you could see the spire of Salisbury Cathedral in the distance.  Little did I know then that one day my own daughter would be living out in Wiltshire, and that we would be up inside that very spire, lo these many years later!  :-)

I think we went down to Lands End on that trip, and I have this memory of seeing the coastline stretched out along a bunch of small rocky islands that just petered out into the ocean, and a world beyond that which was unimaginable for me at that time.  It really did seem like the End of it all, and well named.  Don't remember much of anything from Newquay itself.  Did we stay at the NCH branch there?

Wish I'd known about that one pound note that you helped bury in the Girls Woods!  Imagine all the times I was in those woods, and could have!  Ah well, I had enough Cadbury's, and Licorice Allsorts in my time. More than enough most likely! :-)

When Ferens was being converted to flats, our family went over to Botteley for a while.  Not that I remembered the name of the house, but I knew it was the next one to Wakefield,  the house which was at the end of the boys houses.

Isn't it funny, the bits of our past one remember so clearly, and the great stretches of time in which nothing at all seemed to happen?!  I wonder what it is that makes some very brief moments so vivid?  There's a topic for a doctoral dissertation if anyone wants it?!

All the best,

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Feb 16 13 4:34 PM

The boy at the pool with 2 girls is Alan Shepherd

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