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Oct 24 09 5:02 PM

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I was in 3 different NCH in 1940's - my first was Princess Alice in Birmingha. I am trying to check whether Shirley Anne Field - then SHIRLEY BLOOMFIELD was admitted to Edgworth on the same day as me - 29/05/42.
Does anyone know?

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Oct 24 09 10:20 PM

Now that's going to be a difficult one.
Unless we get a member with a very good memory, I think its going to be a case of contacting Action For Children, I think a request for info on such a famous Ex NCH'er might get them looking up her record to see which day she entered.
It just might be something they are willing to look up.
But good luck over the question.

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Oct 25 09 12:12 PM

Hi Alan  as far as I'm aware , Shirley Bloomfield didn't enter into care until she was ten years old . being born in 1938  that would make it impossible for her to have been inducted on the same day as you

best regards


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Oct 26 09 10:46 AM

Shirley was moved to a second Children's Home when she was ten, before this she had been at Edgworth, so the date might tie up.

Just watched the film "The Damned" (These Are The Damned") on TV a few nights ago, I think she was cast very well. The plot of the film... a group of children are locked up.... It had some nice Dorset views.


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Oct 26 09 7:24 PM

Hi Philip
Thanks for your help, I am pretty sure she went in to Edgworth around the same date as I went into Princess Alice. but I have contacted Action for Children and they are unable to help because of data protection. Let's hope someone will know in the forum.
Yes she is a pretty good actress, abd she is still appearing on stage - was in Chester at a play not long ago.
If you have any other ideas please let me know.

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Oct 26 09 9:41 PM

If you can wait until 2053, which will then be in date for the end of the closed periods for their documents of their children. eg 100 years plus the 15 years of when she left their care.

The alternative would be to put in a complaint that on your first day at Edgworth a girl beat you up, and put the claim that it might have been Shirley.

You could always write to her agent, you might get a reply, I wonder if she has applied for her file, she would then know the date she entered?
Shirley Anne Field
c/o London Mgmt.
2-4 Noel Street


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Oct 27 09 11:08 PM

Shirley looked to have been six when she went to Edgworth (estmated age).

Younger Brother, Ernie (who later changed his name to Guy)

FILM actress Shirley Anne Field attacked the American legal system as 'a shocking disgrace' after the man who shot dead her brother was sentenced to just three years in jail.


Millionaire Harry Dalsey, 25, heir to the giant DHL courier fortune, is likely to go free after serving just half of his 36-month sentence imposed by a Californian court last week.
Dalsey, who blasted Shirley Anne's only brother Guy Broomfield to death in September during a row, successfully plea-bargained his charge from second-degree murder down to the much lesser involuntary manslaughter.

The beautiful star, who appeared opposite Laurence Olivier in The Entertainer and Michael Caine in Alfie, said 'I feel like they have murdered my brother twice.
In America, money talks. It is outrageous that the man who gunned down my brother
in cold blood is likely to be back out on the streets so soon.
'The American justice system is a sick joke. I firmly believe this man got away with murder
because he's from a powerful family.' The grieving actress has now instructed her lawyers to launch a civil suit of wrongful death against the Dalsey estate. If successful, she could be awarded millions from the estimated [pounds sterling]35 million family trust left by Harry Dalsey's father Adrian Dalsey, the 'D' in DHL.
Guy, 60, was the long-time lover of Harry's widowed mother Annie, 54, and had been living in the Dalseys' San Francisco mansion for six years. He died instantly after Harry Dalsey shot him in the chest at point-blank range.


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Nov 19 09 9:37 PM

Hi everyone Bertie B here have been having problems with my laptop, but all seems ok now with ref too Shirley Ann Fields [Bloomfied] i can remember her coming too Harpenden too visit her brother Eernest she had already been in a couple of films i think one was  Satirday Night and Sunday Morning and i can remember her out side Wakefied with all her matching suit cases in lepard skin and looking every inch a film star with her long red hair.
           Ernie was the same age as my brother Fred there were quite a few of them that would hang out too gether i knew that he went too the States and read about his death in the News pappers.
               Shirley is still acting but more on stage than films these days in fact she was performing at our Grove theatre in Luton last year i was hoping too get to see her but could not get tickets which was a shame.
                  Well now that i have got on too the site i can write some more post its best regards too all, and hoping that you are all keeping well. Bertie B

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Aug 2 10 5:05 PM

Well Bertie you you got your name up in lights at Last! thanks for the help.

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Aug 2 10 8:47 PM

Hi Jubby i have always had my name up in lights its just they forgot too turn them on Bertie B

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Nov 4 10 4:24 PM

Hi Phillip

At last! a mention of someone being at Edgeworth at the same time as me, possibly?
If Shirley Anne was  indeed there circ early 1940s then that would be during my time-BUT- in my time us boys had very little contact with the girls in their own houses situated well away from us and not ever allowed to go near those houses or mix with the ladies at all. So effective was that it means after all those years, while I can recall a few boys names, I could not now begin to name any of the girls even a potentially famous one.
Which was ok by us macho lot as they were known to be useless at man games, and prone to tale-telling.
Mind you, Shirley Anne Field living so close - that's some thing to weave into a tale for my Sons and Grand-Kids?  Dream on sunshine, I was the grand old age of nine years in 1940.

Cheers, Norman    

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Nov 4 10 6:08 PM

Hi Norman.
Colin here

I was not at Edgeworth I was at Harpenden  ,but my two brothers, Brian ,Barry & my sister Stella were there, how long were you there? any chance that you may have known them, they were there from 1947-1954 & Barry attended many of the reunions.regards Colin

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Nov 6 10 2:55 PM

Hi Colin

I was moved to Chipping Norton early 1941 so missed your family members.

I was in Walker House- sisters; Winifred Hankin and Alice Brighton, both thoroughly disliked by all the Walker mob.

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Nov 11 10 11:49 PM

Hi Norman Bertie Baldwin here not that you would no me if you left Harpenden in 1941 i did not arrive until 1946 my brother and i started off in Clifton then moved into OGB with sister Margory Young and sister Winifred Hankins was in charge of the other half all i can say is that she must have mellowed over the years as i got on quite well with her as well as one could in those days, now her side kick Miss Kirby is a unother story.
      Any way its great too see you on the site hope you are keeping well best regards Bertie B.

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Nov 12 10 1:32 PM

Hi Bertie.    No mate!. It was Edgeworth where I knew Winifred Hankin that I left in1941 for Chipping Norton.  Your memory of her is interesting.
She must have indeed mellowed by the time you met her!  mind you, to be fair, she was a pussy cat compared to Alice Brighton, her of the fast right hand wallop,who was at Walker house with Winifred.
The 'Family Group' system at NCHO was introduced I think, around 1946/47 : I left from Chipping Norton In 1946.
Had a week free summer holiday back there I think 1948 (one could do that in those days) and found the new system sort of settling down with the kids and Staff getting to grips with it.
My old mates thought it was a cissy system as bullying (not ever very bad at Chippy anyway) had virtually stopped and I think that from that visit and many of the comments on this forum, that the atmosphere seemed to lighten at the Branches!   Ok,Ok I expect I,m wrong?
Of course, I just had to find some trouble first being called a trouble-maker when being tickled near to death whilst being held down by several of the afore mentioned mates and secondly setting up a target shoot using an air-pistol which I happened to own.
I never went back again ----cue huge sigh of relief from the staff.  
Nice to see you on site.
Kind regards.   Norman

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Mar 2 11 9:26 PM

I remember Sister Louie talking about Shirley Ann Field being at Edgworth when she was there I came to Edgworth when I was 4 and my Sister Turilani was 6 we left later with Sister Louie to go to Harrogate.I rememer getting the cane from the govenor when I was 5 years of age for climbing over the stone wall at the bottom of the drive instead of going through the gate.I think the govs name was Mr Milverton but I could be mistaken.He had a cupboard in his office and in side where different sizes of canes from thin to thick.He said I could chose which cane... I chose the thick one!! dont know why but it hurt!! from that time on my time in the NCH was nothing but punisment and also at school at Wheatlands..dont know why but I always thought I was a saint!!

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Mar 3 11 12:31 AM

Hi Shel,
I recall Sister Louie coming to Fairfield with you and Turilani and Billy and Diane Robbins.
 My elder sister Joan,and my  brother Brian were put in Edgeworth, while I as a baby luckily went to Fairfield. She told me that she well remembered Sister Louie as a very strict and often cruel person and Mr Milverton was Govenor then. She was there when Shirley Ann Field was there too.
As a kid I guess I didn't see your pain with Sister Louie, I suppose as a friend you just wanted to play and get on with being a kid. All we knew as Kids from other house's was that #6 was a bit tougher than our house's.
Take care Shel
Malc tommo

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