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Mar 3 11 6:56 AM

So sorry to hear that you have unhappy memories of number six.  Sister Flora once told me that sister Louie had severe back problems, so perhaps that explains why she was so tough,  although there is no excuse whatsoever for cruelty.  Hopefully since those days, you've been busily creating some happy memories for yourself.

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Mar 3 11 8:29 AM

And Shel   ......   Don't forget that you have many 'brothers & sisters' who grew up with you in the NCH and can empathise with your childhood.  Talking to others can be a very healing process, and I think a lot of us suffered cruelty when we were growing up, and most of it from our own families.   Sometimes it's difficult to forget sad memories and forgive those who were cruel or stupid.  But on the positive side, those bad events have also helped to build your strengths and turn you into the independant and caring character you are today.  

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Mar 3 11 9:16 PM

Reading your replies made me feel that I was not alone I thought at that time I was...I would tell my mother when I went home on holiday about it but she was too scared to do anything about it so it went on till I became rather a difficult kid and started to retaliate against the sister which made it even worse ..They where going to send me into Wellfield they said if I didnt change and luckily I got to be boarded out when I was 15 so that was spared ...I still went to school from the boarding house in Harrogate where I joined the territorial army and that caused me to be caught drinking and warned by Mr Roycroft who told me that I should not be found doing such things locally.He was a very understanding man and helped me a lot to get over the adolencene problems which I went through.

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Mar 3 11 9:36 PM

I know exactly what you were going through, whatever you did was wrong, even when you did go out of your way to be good things seemed to go wrong, and the end event was some form of punishement.
I arrived at harpenden at the age of eight, with almost two years of a Sister who had done 21 years of service, I could be controlled and things went reasonably smoothly, with just the odd physical punishment to keep me in some form of order.
Then came a replacement Houseparent, things were smooth for a short time then problems started between us, by the time she had put my head through a glass window and the Gov (Roycroft) had caned me over the event, it was on a downward spiral from that moment, there was the idea that I should be moved up to the Speial Unit at Harrogate, but as this would mean no visits from my mother due to the long distance, and it was then decided that as the local clinic could not see to my needs, I was to be removed from the NCH, it was just luck that my mother was able to take me back at the age of eleven.
They kept tabs on me for the following five years.
If they had only been able to sit me down alone during my stay and ask how things could be made better for the staff and myself during my time, things might have been easier. During my stay at Harpenden I was afraid of Roycroft, so could never take the courage to explain to him why things always seemed to go wrong, and that I was so often in trouble for what were really minor matters.
Telling my mother at the time would have done little good, she would never have believed the staff could punish in such ways.


It would not have mattered which cane you chose, they all hurt.

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Mar 5 11 1:40 PM

quote "Telling my mother at the time would have done little good, she would never have believed the staff could punish in such ways."

How right you are even when I told mine she was too scared to do anything about it.

take care Shel

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Jan 24 16 2:26 AM

Thinking of the beautiful you I once knew.

My Dear, it must be 60+ years when we first met. I'm 80 now so you must be 82 now, you and the girls used to play so many tricks on me because I was so innocent. But they are still beautiful memories of our stay in the NCH London, Highgate, I think it was. I do remember the shock look on your face when I asked you a question, the slap to my face you gave me left me wondering, what the heck I had said to be given that smack, of course I know now, but I was too innocent to have known that then.
Do hope you are still with us and you receive this message. Love to you wherever you are, Donald.

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