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Oct 28 09 2:13 PM

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My memories of Holmwood are the happiest of my life. Has anyone got any photos of Holmwood in the late 1950's and early 1960's ? Sister Muriel looked after me and my sister, Gillian. Does anyone remember us?  Cheryl  

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Mar 13 10 1:55 PM

Hi Christopher and great to hear from you.

It's disappointing (for me) that not many people from Holmwood are on this forum but never mind!  Hopefully some will join later.

I didn't notice the kids in Perkins  House being posh but then I wasn't there when you were, nearly 20 years on!  I'm an old laydeeeeeeeee!!!!

I certainly remember the trees and the "copse".  I went back there in 1996 and most of the grounds have been taken over with posh bungalows and the main house is now a residential care home for elderly people with dementia.

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Mar 14 10 5:26 PM

Lenton has his young photos of Bristol zoo now, so a few memories might fall into place, it was a shame that he left Holmwood so early and went to Harpenden, as most of what he remembers will be his later years.
If he doesn't come up with some memories early on the reunion day at Harpenden, once the food has been cooked, I'll try some hot coals to see if it loosens his grey cells. I'm sure a few ex Highfielders will remember their torture tricks from years ago and join in.


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Mar 15 10 11:05 AM

You can visit - well I went back in 1996 and there was a register for those who had lived there who came back to visit.  They reckon it's haunted by kids who hide present residents shoes!

My sister won't join as she doesn't want to look backwards, so to speak.  I am now in touch with one of the "old boys" sons - he emailed this morning so I have given him this link.

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Mar 15 10 3:12 PM

Just a thought. In July there will be the annual reunion (at a secret place) in London on the First Saturday in July.
If you can get onto the invite list, there is a form for messages for those not able to attend.
If you can't be there, you could give a mention that you seek others from Holmwood.

Also try to get a mention in the Ex Residents magazine that come out every few months.

I think the best email is


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Mar 15 10 10:18 PM

hi folks im new to the group lived at holmwood (perkins) bit hazy about the dates waiting  for my details to come from NCH any idea how long that takes.
I would have been there about 1970 to early 80's there were three of us brothers. I have no photos of myself or my brothers as children so if there are any out there that would be very special 

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Mar 28 10 5:44 PM

Thanks Paul for posting these up - saves me a job!

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Apr 7 10 7:30 PM

Hi Mickthunder and welcome to this part of the site!  Not many of us ex-Holmwood people around although somebody called Eric Tynan made contact very recently.  I am trying to persuade him to join here but he is not very computer literate at the moment.

I think Eric left in 1968 and he was in Perkins.

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Aug 20 10 2:49 PM


I have only just discovered this site so thought I would post something. I was in Holmwood from 1965 to 1969 and spent most of my time in Perkins House (although did spend a time in the main house). I also remember a wonderful lady called Som Williams who was a cook (based in the main house and came from Thailand) - After I left Holmwood I remember spending holidays with Som and her husband Glynn (who was a policeman).

I went to Embleton Road junior school and I fondly remember the home, grounds and staff. We had Sister Doreen (Boyce) when I was there - I can also remember a Miss Davis, Sister Gillian (Hurst), Uncle Frank and Aunty June ((Pascoe). 

I also remember there was a family who lived in a house (behind Perkins House) which housed the groundsman and his family (they were called Sidebottom).

I can remember quite a few of the children I was there with:

Godfrey Marshall
The Harding Family (Ray, Jenny, Janice)
The Willis Family (Robert and Paul)
The Walsh Family (Carol, Helen, Tony..??)
Diane Griffiths
David and Martin (brothers - can not remember their surname)

I also remember at Christmas we used to receive a special gift from a man called Bernard Ley who owned the Long Ashton Country Club (and we sometimes went there in the summer to use the swimming pools).

I remember playing in the copse and the watergarden (catching newts and tadpoles), also visits to Westbury Wild Life Park which was next door and picnics on the Downs at Clifton. I remember spending pocket money in a store called the Malt House at the bottom of Channels Hill

I spent a long time working in the public sector and after accepting voluntary redundancy went to work for NCH (Action For Children) in 2002 (until 2008) and then went to work for Barnardo's and became a strategic lead for children's services in Cornwall. In March 2010 I became a project lead for adult mental health.

It is surprising what comes back to you after so many years..!!

It would be really nice to hear from anyone who lived in Holmwood...


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Aug 21 10 1:12 PM

Hi Chris

I left Holmwood in 1963 so I wasn't there when you arrived.

Sister Doreen was over the Robinson family when I was there and i was in the big house.  She recently died of Leukaemia.  Godfrey Marshall I remember, his brother was David but they parted company shortly after I left.  I met Godfrey after I ran away from the adoptive parents (life was not pleasant with them) and I was brought back to Holmwood to be told off by Sister Doreen and reminded how "grateful" I should be to have been adopted.  As I couldn't tell her what was going on (she wouldn't have believed me anyway) then her criticisms were ill-founded.

I was sent off to See Godfrey who was in bed with a broken leg (in plaster) and we had a chat while adoptive parents talked to Doreen separately (no question of me talking to Doreen separately of course!!!)

I seem to remember a Christopher Sidebottom.

Nice to see somebody else from Holmwood!

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Aug 22 10 7:52 PM

Hi Helga,

Thanks for replying I am sorry to hear that Sister Doreen recently died - I can remember when you went to ask her a question and said...Sister (she always said yes brother) :)

I am really sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your adoptive parents (and I hope any unpleasant memories - have not blighted your adult life..!!).

Godfrey was a lot older than me and I remember he had his own room in Perkin's House ( I never knew his brother David.

I also remember a Christopher Sidebottom and he had a sister (but I can't remember her name) - there was also another house a bit further up with a family called Ormroid living there.

It is nice to communicate with somebody else who lived at Holmwood (I have never met or spoken to anyone who was there since I left.

Nice to share memories.. Take care


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Aug 23 10 12:46 PM

I think the other house further up the lane housed the caretaker and his family.  When I was the the family surname was either Christopher or Duncan.  I seem to remember the son of the family being called Duncan Christopher or Christopher Duncan!!  Not sure which!

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Aug 27 10 2:19 PM

Today I have received an email from John K Hughes - Heritage Development Manager for Action For Children. Anyway he will make an invistigations for me  in relation to a regional rather than the annual reunion to be held in London on 3 july 2010. Is that good new or what?
Maybe you could contact him to find out if he has any information relating to Holmwood in the 1950's?
 u are still most welcome to join us at the annual reunion on 3rd July if you feel you would like to attend


Sod it!!  I have only just seen this.  Is there any update on Mr Hughs's investigations?

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Aug 27 10 3:37 PM

Not sure who sent the previous message - it says from "anonymous 93281"

Anyway I am "Paul" that you are refering to in the last sentence. Not being disrespectful I did not go to the annual reunion which I believe was held on 3 July simply because no one from Holmwood would have attended.

Based on correspondence with John K Hughes I did ask him and on numerous occassions about a regional reunion for ex Holmwood carers but he was not in a position to offer me such an assurance. Therefore my assumption was, if no one was to attend that reunion what would be the chances of some one turning I knew years ago, turning up to a major event such as in London?

Sorry to be so negavative


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Aug 27 10 7:11 PM

Did you send a message to be put on the notice board at the reunion asking if anyone had contacts for those that had been at Holmwood?

The notice board does bring the occasional contact.


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Nov 19 10 2:06 PM

Hello Chris,

i read your message about your stay at Holmwood and your professional life after you left with great interest.

I stayed at holmwood with my sister when I was very young, and i left when I was five. I can remember very well the name Mr. Sidebottom - if i remeber rightly, he was the gardener.
you were older when you stayed at Holmwood, so naturally you can remember lots of things like the name of the school you went too - I presume my sister also went to the same school.
would you please be so kind as to contact me at as i would very much like to ask your assistance now that you work in adult mental health care.
I do so hope you can help!
very many thanks,

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