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Nov 21 10 1:43 PM

Dear Cheryl,

Many thanks for your message.

I will write an email to you now and look forward to hearing from you

Take care


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Apr 27 11 3:42 PM


Mr Peter Tozer

General branch for 30 children.

In the suburb of Westbury-on-Trym, three miles from the centre of , a spacious and well-built house was acquired by the Home in 1943.  Two family groups are accommodated in the original house, now more than 100 years old, and one group lives in a newer house in the grounds, Perkins House, built in 1954.  The two houses stand in gardens of great beauty and interest.

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Apr 28 11 12:43 PM

When I was there, there were three family groups in the main house, Robinson, Brown and Green. 

The house is now a residential care home for the elderly infirm and has been for some years.

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Jun 19 11 11:59 PM

Hi Paul, it's Monica Browne, (now Monique) I was at Holmwood when your family came there. I was in Perkins House (from '69-78) but used to come to the main house a lot to see Coleen Fowler and Jasmine Dahd. Do you remember them? I don't know if you remember me, couldn't miss me, I was the only black girl in the 'home', in the whole of Westbury village in fact!!! I was back in Westbury on 8/6/11 for Jasmine's funeral, she very sadly lost her fight against cancer in May. Are you in touch with anyone else from Holmwood from those years? Like you, I'd like to link up with those of us who had those years at Holmwood in common, whether good or bad memories.

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Aug 20 11 2:31 PM

Hi Monica, its Alison, you were at Perkins when me and my brother Louis were there. Sorry we lost contact, last time i spoke you on the phone was years back when all the enquiries were taking place. Really sorry to hear about Jasmine, i remember her being like an older sister to me. But did get to see her again about 20 years ago at a reunion Peter Tozer had. But do remember you and Jasmine dancing together. Round the time Grease came out i think.

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Aug 21 11 8:30 PM

Hi Alison, GREAT to hear from you. I often think about you and Louis, especially when I was in bristol for Jasmine's funeral in May. I was wondering what happened to Louis? I have some pics of me and him when he first came to Holmwood and if i can find a way to get them on here I will. I had an add for you of 12 westleigh rd, are u still there? I remember talking to you a few years back and you were about to get engaged i think. did that work out and are u wed now? wd love to catch up, email me at: . look forward to hearing fm u. by the way, do u remember tina bloomfield? Me and her used to take u and louis out shopping on saturdays and pretend u were our little kids!!! Mad I u were both soooo cute tho. anyway holla back and take care. xxxx

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Jan 3 12 11:13 PM

I was at Hilmwood with my brother Grant from around 1963 to 1969.
We were in the main house ... And I remember Sister Fiona Fletcher.
I don't have very many memories ... Does anyone remember my brother and/or me?

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Jan 6 12 4:32 PM

Hi Audrey

I left around April 1963 along with my sister Caroline so we must have missed each other by a whisker.  I was in the main house in the Robinson family.  Sister Doreen was head of that family at the time. :)

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Jan 8 12 10:02 PM

I don't have many memories of Holmwood, but I remember this house!
Does anyone remember a paddling pool in the grounds?

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Jan 8 12 10:09 PM

Hi Chris,
I was at Holmwood (in the main house) with my brother, Grant, from around 1963 to 1968. Unfortunately, my memory recall of that time is very limited.

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Jan 8 12 10:19 PM

Hi Helga.
Thanks for replying.
Did the main house have a name?
Do you know how I can find out more information about my time at Holmwood?
I vaguely remember being taken out for a day trip with a couple (without my brother!)
And think that they were hoping to adopt me (and not my brother!)
Would love to find out more

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Jan 12 12 4:53 PM

The house up in the gardens was Perkins House.  As I recall the main big house did not have a name.

When I was adopted it was with my sister as they did not like to separate siblings.

We used to go to Weston-super-Mare for day trips or Severn beach.  I remember the paddling pool although they changed this to a pond with fish in as I recall.  That pool was round.  Years before there was a swimming pool that had been turned into a big pond.  The steps into it were still visible when I left in 1963.

Check out the photos on this site of Holmwood as that might bring back some memories.

Good to see you here!

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Jan 20 12 9:23 PM

Dear Audrey and Helga,

In the National Children's Home General Report for the year ended 31 March 1952 to the Methodist Conference it states:-

Co-operation with Methodist Overseas

During the year the Principal (the Rev John W Waterhouse) paid a further visit to the United States as guest of the Methodist Board of Hospitals and Homes, to lecture on child welfare and to advise the Board on the establishment of its own training centres for house-parents.  The Principal then undertook deputation work for some four weeks, mainly in Kansas, Texas, and Florida, and the Committee is much encouraged by the response of over $20,000 given to his appeal, and wishes to thank Methodists in the United States for their great generosity.  Particular thanks are extended to Mr J J Perkins of Wichita Falls, Texas, whose splendid gift of £5,300 provided for the building of a children's house in the grounds of the Bristol Branch.  

In the National Children's Home General Report for the year ended 31 March 1954  to the Methodist Conference it states:-

At Bristol, the Perkins House was dedicated during Coronation week and occupied in the autumn by children and Staff to whom much joy has been given through this wonderful gift from the United States.

Best wishes,


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Jan 29 12 10:52 AM

Hello Audrey

Sorry for the delay in responding, as I haven't checked in for a while.

Well I would have definitely been there at some point wen you and Grant were staying - I don't recognise your names though (sorry).

If you want to access your records and find out more details, your best bet would be to contact either your local social services (looked after children department) or social services in Bristol. They will be able to tell you what you need to do and help make the necessary arrangements.

Personally, I decided not to do it - as I felt it may open up things which (a) I didn't know about and (b) had forgotten. I can understand why you might want to do it, all I would say is give some thought to how it may make you feel when you read them.

Nice to hear from you and sorry I can't put faces to your names.

Best wishes


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Jan 29 12 11:23 AM

HI Monica

I was at Holmwood from 1965 to 1969 and remember Coleen Fowler but not Jasmine. Your name is familiar to me. I was in Perkins House for most of my time at Holmwood (although I did spend a short time in the main house).

Hope all is good with you...

Best wishes


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Feb 6 12 10:35 PM

I dont know if you will remember me Helga, but when you lived in Solihull with your sister you used to come to our house and visit and my adoptive mother and i came to yours.  I was at Perkins House with Sister Jean, same time as you and your sister were there, Edith

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Jul 7 12 7:33 AM

Hi my names Angela walsh does anyone remember me i lived at holmwood from 1967-1978 first in the big house then most of the time at perkins house i have found this forum a bit hard to get aronud so am putting my email address on here would love to hear from anyone that remembers me

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#40 [url]

Jul 7 12 7:39 AM

hi monica i really hope this is u as you were like my big sister and i offen have thought about you, remember when u used to burn my with ur comb? looking forward to hearing from you i really hope its you love angela walsh

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