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Dec 9 10 3:18 PM

your right Dot we did go to scarborough for holidays and yes there is a place called Knarsborough those were really good holidays i remember one time we went out to hull for the day and Miss Mac took me n all the other kids on a bus n me n my brother got travel sick so miss mac asked the driver to let us off for a few minutes and he drove off n left us n miss mac flagged down a guy in a bright red sports car to try to catch the bus cos all the other kids were still on it i never in my life saw anyone panic as much as she did that day me n harry laughed our heads off hahaha the good old days LOL xx

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#23 [url]

Dec 9 10 3:37 PM

hi ive jus read ur post i was there from 1966 to 1974  n yes i remember the barn i remember the apple orchard at the back i remember the path at the back of the houses that we used to take to get to a place called birk crag  did u eva go there ? i remember the chapel the comunity hall the sickbay the playground  Do u recall watching the film the sound of music in the hall and they also showed cliff richards film Summer holiday .Oh n yes i also went to western school n then rosset acre , that was a lovely school wasnt it  I was over there in the summer i wanted to show my husband where i grew up its really sad that its all gone eh its like half ur life has been taken away like it neva existed oh well neva mind anyway u take care  xx  Helen Strutt Moane.

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#24 [url]

Dec 9 10 8:52 PM

When we were at Fairfields in 1978-1979, we went to Filey for a holiday.  I can't remember much about it, but I have got photos of me riding a donkey and 'Aunt' Freda walking in a funny way!  Happy times.

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#25 [url]

Dec 9 10 9:01 PM

I wish i could remember more of my time at pannal ash, i dont have any photos but im enjoying all the posts and pics.

When i left pannal ash i was sent to another nch in farringdon sunderland is anyone familier with it?


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#27 [url]

Dec 10 10 1:45 PM

Hi Syvia,

Forgot to check here regularly! have just noticed the photo taken outside Wellfield, to answer your questions I believe I am at the front in a blue jumper and shorts! I also think my younger brothers David and Raymond are also in the picture, David to the left with Freda Bell behind and Raymond hiding in the middle!

Used to spend hours having a sing along with Dave in a small room behind the play room.

I was 8 years old when I first arrived just before Christmas 1970, the picture must be 1971, I believe we all moved to number 4 in 1972.

Making Christmas decorations with a lady that used to come was great fun.

Are you in the picture? If so, which one are you?

I love reminiscing about my time in Harrogate.

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#28 [url]

Jan 4 11 2:30 AM

Hi Jacksr
I am hoping the post I am reading is in relation to Childhoodmemories. My apologies if I have got it wrong. I would appreciate it if it was possible to ask Sister/Auntie Sylvia if she new Sister Milly or Miss Faith and whether they are still alive, as they looked after my brother and I in what I believe to have been house number eight between 1962 -1967?  I think that Sister/Auntie Sylvia looked after my two brothers and sister named Christopher, AdeKunle and Adeola around 1962 - 1967? Thanks Jackie,


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#30 [url]

Jan 14 11 2:06 PM

i,m sorry Gerrard i din,t remember you, whats your surname and which house were you in Helen            

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#31 [url]

Feb 9 11 10:23 AM

Dot (dizzy dot ?)

What years do think you went to Scarborough? I don't know what era you were at Fairfield but certainly we went to Scarborough in the 1960's and we "camped" in the large basement community hall beneath Westborough Methodist church.
I live in Scarborough with my family 1970 -1973 and took the opportunity to go to Westborough church and actually met a few people who remembered our visits.
It was a lovely seaside place to go to as were Whitby and Ramsey I.O.M.

Hello again Dot

I now see from your postings that you were in No 8 during the 1970's so the only time we might have met would be during reunions when I brought my Sprite caravan with wife Janet and three little sons. We pitched just behind No. 8 and my boys had a wonderful time playing with the other children.
We came for 3 or 4 years probably 1970 - 1977.
I was in No.8 1942 -1944 before moving to No.2 with Sister Edith and with my 2 sisters who had gone into No.2 when we all arrived on 30th May 1942.
Yes there is a Knaresborough on the road to York just about 5 miles from the town.
Click on this link to see a lovely picture of Knaresborough.
David Green
1942 -1954

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#32 [url]

Feb 13 11 9:25 PM

Hi Phillip, I was wondering whether you knew a girl from No. 3 called Joy Hill? She may have been there during your time as she was older than me. She was so kind to me when she visited the reunions but I lost touch with her. I would love to find out whether she is okay etc. Have you heard anything about her?
Thanks Sue Relton
[have I posted this in the right forum?]

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#33 [url]

Feb 13 11 10:57 PM

Hello Sue

Joy was married for many years whilst trying to cope as a paraplegic. Her husband who I think was a musician devoted his life to her care.She had worked in the offices at The Royal Baths at one time. Sadly she died quite a few years ago.
She was very much my generation and it is not unkind to say she was the epitome of a "Tomboy". She played sport with the boys and was a very successful cricketer. She also became active in the Reserve Forces and I think had her car accident when returning from an army activity.
Di Ward would be able to give you a more accurate account.
Yes she was in N0. 3 next door to us in No. 2.
In the picture you have left to right David Manser/David Green/Joy Hill/Stephen Green
David Green

Click here to view the attachment

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#34 [url]

Feb 17 11 6:10 PM

Hi David, I am so sorry to hear of Joy's death, I wish this site had been around earlier as I would have been able to tell her how she made me feel special and was always so kind to me. I remember Sister Anne telling me of her accident but when i was younger, keeping in touch with old nch friends didn't seem important. I was eager to put the past behind me and be part of a 'normal' family. How I regret it now!  Thank you so much for the lovely picture of her and the one of her with the table tennis club is how I remember her. As you say she was a tomboy like me and when she visited us at reunions she would whisk me off on her scooter for very 'hairy' rides.I also read that Raymond Crisp has died, he was another one of my guardian angels [except when I pinched his bicycle pump and he chased me to Beckwithshaw! Truly happy days. Thanks again, Sue

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#35 [url]

Feb 21 11 2:42 PM

Hi this is for sylvia. i was interested in the group photo outside wellfield house. do you know what year it was taken? i was there from 1967 to 1971/2 and i wondered if it is me at the very front the smallest person? cheers jacksr

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#36 [url]

Feb 21 11 2:43 PM

Hi this is for sylvia. i was interested in the group photo outside wellfield house. do you know what year it was taken? i was there from 1967 to 1971/2 and i wondered if it is me at the very front the smallest person? cheers jacksr

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#37 [url]

Feb 28 11 2:11 AM

Hi Sue i Remember Joy Hill not from no 3 as she was a lot older then me, i only know Joy from the reunions very nice to talk to.she was also cricket mad in her teens she played a lot. Joy smoked like a Steem train. i didnt know she had passed away. Also sorry to hear you will be away when we have the Fairfield reunion we will be thinking of you. cheers roger

R C James

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#38 [url]

Apr 12 11 7:09 AM

hi sylvia, it`s lawrence strutt here, got this site off derek bolton, do you remember him, just been looking at all the blogs and i find it quite interesting, sounds like you have got your life in order living in oz, really pleased for you, i am married my self by the way with 5 kids but all grown up now and they have all got kids of there own, my eldest gran child is now 14, it is now quite a few years since i last saw denise as she was living in manchester not to far from where i live but lost touch like you do, so no idea where she is living at the moment, i do know that dave past away as well, any way getting off now so take care,

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#39 [url]

Sep 29 12 8:16 PM

Hi may name is yanaba my sister s were in the home at that time . i had left the year before. it was Jimmy Tarbuck . my sisters were in welfeild Samantha and bint. Barry Briggs and auntie kath and auntie Helen were the house parents i was in number 4 with Mr Mrs graham.

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#40 [url]

Nov 13 12 5:05 AM

Hi Craig Robinson....just to remind you - "Merry Morning" was actually filmed live at Christmas 1978, then repeated the next year.  Rememebr 'Animal Kwackers' were there!!

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