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Nov 13 12 5:10 AM

Oh, and does anyone else remember the 'witches hat' weird kids plaything in the back?  not far from the swing 'twirly thing' that Craig referred to?

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Nov 14 12 7:30 PM


I have to admit that I thought it was filmed in 1979, but will take your word for it. Were you there when it was filmed? Jimmy Tarbuck hosted it and my claim to fame was that I spoke to him at the end of the show to tell him about the train that Father Christmas had just given me. Mike Harding was also in it, as was some bloke with puppets, whose name currently escapes me (even though I do have the show on dvd).
Happy times!

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Nov 14 12 9:06 PM

You have it on dvd!?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you contact me and send me a copy?  Yorkshire tv demanded TWO HUNDRED quid to provide me with a copy!!!  I remember seeing myself on it, and being so excited (I was only five haha).  I'm more than happy to pay postage etc, and provide my email address etc....

Yeah, it was filmed live in 1978, then repeated on tv the next year.

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Nov 15 12 8:20 PM

Hi, my name is Helen Strutt, I was at harrogate with my sisters and brothers from aia think 1966/1974 my familys names are lawrence, Margaret, Mavis, Harry who is my twin and my  youngest sis Elizabeth, I remember the witches hat very well, my brother Harry's best friend was Brian Lawson , he also had  a twin sis called Rose, I lived in Hartlea house which was number 2, I'm sorry i don't remember you but you may remember us, anyway here's hoping you are well, take care Helen x

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Nov 15 12 8:38 PM

Hi Sylvia, my name is Helen, I see that you remember my brother and sister Lawrence and Mavis Strutt, do you also remember my other sisters Maggie and Elizabeth i think they were in numbers 7 or 8, Iwas in number 2 and so was my twin brother Harry, and do you also remember Linda and Carol Mcauley from Fairfield, look forward to hearing from you, take care, Helen x

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Nov 15 12 9:14 PM

Hi Alan, my name is Helen, I was in number 2 , I was there between 66 and 74, I remember Freda and Julie and mr & mrs sullivan, i remember the playground , the fete days on the front field , the holidays to knaresboro, Scarborough, and much more, they were the best years of my life, up until 12yrs ago that is when i met my husband lol, if you remember me, you may remember my family Lawrence, Margaret, Mavis, Harry and Elizabeth Strutt, I also remember going to Western school and Roset School after that , I remember going to the disco on a sat night and the little chapel on a sunday and some names i also remember are Brian & Rose Lawson, Linda & Carol Mcauley from Wellfield, Sadie Cowie, Earnest Lerigo, Ruth Greenhalgh, thats to name but a few, anyway i hope iv'e stirred up some memories for you, take care Helen x

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Nov 17 12 7:07 PM

Here are a few memories I have.... hopefully some people might reply and confirm I'm not imagining them haha......

A large red wooden airplane on the grass next to the hall?
Bonfires in the wood at the back?
A holiday to Robin Hoods Bay (I wasn't allowed to ride the horses, too young - and had to sit with 'Aunty' Freda and watch the others :-(   )
Walking along the back path to Otley Road to the shop near the path...usually for sweets lol.

Going to see 'Herbie Goes Bananas' and 'Empire Strikes Back' when they were first released...

Mr Young, the tall and scary Headmaster of Rossett Acre Primary School

Having Fetes on the front 'lawn'

Does anyone remember attending one of my birthday parties?  It was a 'tramp' themed party - and we ate on blankets on the floor haha

Ooh, watching 'Monkey Magic' on a Saturday afternoon....oh, and Dallas of course lol

By the way...if anyone has any photos contemporary to my time in Fairfield, I'd love to see them - I was there from 1974 - 1983

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Nov 21 12 8:44 PM

Lol I remember it well. Was sick once or twice :@

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Nov 21 12 9:47 PM

Hi jimmy, r  u  refering to my sister margaret strutt, if so i don't remember her being in 4/5 i jus remember her being in 7/8 i can recall her house parents as terry sigworth and his wife, can't think of her name, and i remember you so ur probably right about her being in 4/5 it's nice to hear from you, hope ur well , take care chat soon x

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Nov 28 12 12:34 AM

Hi Jimmy,
                           If you  look at the pictures on the right under 'recently online'   you will see a green dot by those actually on line at that time . It  looks as though Helen has not logged in for a while.



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Nov 30 12 4:40 PM

Hi Matthew, yes I remember the witches hat, we had hours of fun on it. If I remember right it would spin round and you could get it to bounce into the middle and rebound off the centre post  . Ahhh good times eh.

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#58 [url]

Dec 1 12 4:04 PM

Loved it, dellinz.  AND that weird thing that was like a roundabout, with swings hanging from it and facing the middle.  Two people used to hang onto the middle, and spin it round - not good for a four year old me, flying off it and breaking my arm/teeth and leaving me with a small scar on my left cheek as a memento lol.

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May 1 16 8:15 PM

Jackie Stagg house no 2

Hi Helen dont now weather you remember me. We were friend use to fight alot over the tennis rackets.You tought me how to do back flips on the field Mavis was older. She must remember the mini bus crash we all got taken to hospital. My sister Cathrine stagg was also in house no2. Married 4 children 2 granchildren. Was fostered but ran away at 15 .George our little brother joined us later. I remember Harry. Stewart nigal and think Michael butterfield also appletons Rose. who had twin brother I think in house 8 Peter?.Quite often thought about what happened to everyone. Leslie and Carol heslop they were in house 2 Miss Carol Miss Mac Miss shirly and Uncle Harry and another man. Hope you read this and get in touch. Best wishes Jackie 

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#60 [url]

May 1 16 8:34 PM

To anyone who was in fairfields from 1972 we official on record left in 1976 but we left befor then fostered out in 1973 .Jackie Cathy George Stagg house no2 but still remember people who wernt in my house. Our older brother Timothy was in another house (Timothy Brooker) Rose Lawson was a good friend and her brother Brian who was in house 8 ? Remember someone called Peter not sure who this is thought was Roses brother. Helem Mavis Strutt Harry strutt. Butterfilde Appletons. Best wishes To All

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