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Oct 11 16 8:17 PM

Hi I was in welfield at the same time as Sam and Binty

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Dec 16 16 8:40 PM

Fairfield 1965-1967

Not sure if anyone gets on here anymore, but here goes. My 3 siblings and I were at Fairfield from 1965-67.  My brother Matthew was in either house 7 or 8.  My youngest sister Deborah was in house 2 (i think) and my other sister Gail and I were together in house 5 with Sister Audrey.    The day we arrived at the home was very scary for all of us as I'm sure it was for most.  Our time at Fairfield is filled with good memories and we were very well taken care of but I'll never understand why they had to separate us into different homes.  We almost became strangers to Matthew and Deborah.  I do have fond memories of  playing on the Witch's hat singing Beatles songs.  :-) 

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